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Our communities are in need of qualified and committed math and science teachers to help students develop competitive 21st century skills. CSUDH’s innovate STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency (STAR) Program is meeting this need. STAR is building a sustainable pipeline of math and science teachers with the training, strategies, and tools to bring our classrooms and students into the 21st century.

  • The STAR Program is designed for recent college graduates and mid-career professionals or paraprofessionals with math and science backgrounds.
  • STAR offers a 15 month teacher education program that includes a single subject teaching credential and a Master’s in Education.
  • STAR resident are placed in a classroom with a mentor for a year where they become immersed in the school’s culture.
  • Residents serve in a semester long internship where they will gain practical knowledge that can be used in the classroom.
  • STAR Residents receive a $30,000 living stipend in addition to qualifying for the TEACH Grant ($4,000)

To learn more about the STAR Program, contact us at (310)243-2634 or email us at

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