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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies?

Under federal guidelines, our program is designed to serve recent college graduates (within three years) who have graduated with a degree in mathematics or science or a closely related field, mid-career professionals with substantial career experience in math or science and paraprofessionals with substantial career experience in the content area. The STAR Program cannot accept candidates with prior teaching experience and/or credential coursework.

What are the program criteria?

We are looking for recent college graduates (within the last three years) or mid-career professionals who have never taught and who have not taken any credentialing courses elsewhere. To qualify for the STAR program applicants must meet the following criteria before officially beginning the program:

  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. Minimum 3.0 Overall GPA
  3. Pass the CBEST exam
  4. Pass the CSET exam (or have approved waiver letter)
  5. Meet U.S. Constitution requirement
  6. Pass the Applicant Interview
  7. Be eligible for university and TED admissions and district employment
  8. Above all, have a passion for teaching! 

What makes STAR unique from other credential programs?

STAR is a unique accelerated credential program that allows candidates to earn a Single Subject Credential qualifying them to teach middle or high school math or science, while also completing a master's degree in curriculum and instruction in only 15 months.

What is the residency component of this program?

STAR residents complete an intensive year-long teaching residency in partnering LAUSD schools under the close guidance of experienced mentor teachers. Residents are immersed into the school culture by participating in all school functions, alongside their mentors, and as they develop, they transition from a co-teaching role to a leading role teaching all day. The quality of the clinical experience will enable residents to become well-versed in designing and delivering lessons aligned with CCSS, NGSS, and 21st century skills.

In addition to the residency, STAR residents also receive extensive hands-on clinical experience in the STEM Lab School.The residents will have an opportunity to design, observe, co-teach and teach project-based lessons as part of an instructional team with the guidance of master teachers. The innovative Lab School environment will better prepare residents for the challenges of high-need urban schools.

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