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First Year Experience

Summer Courses

All incoming first-time, first-year students may enroll in Early Start and/or GE courses this summer.  This is an opportunity for students to earn college credit, get a head start on their first year, and all at no cost to them.

Laptop and Technology Checkout Program

CSUDH students can request a laptop and other technology through the Technology Checkout Program, free of charge.

Our campus offers exciting learning opportunities, and the Division of Information Technology (IT) is an integral service organization and partner in your educational journey. Take a moment to see what is available to you as a new or returning student to CSUDH.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit IT Student Support.

ANT 100, 3 Units

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

BUS 100, 3 Units

Entrepreneurship for Everyone

CHS 212, 3 Units

Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies

DAN 130, 3 Units

Global Dance Perspectives

ENG 271, 3 Units

Introduction to Creative Writing

LBS 205, 3 Units

Child and Adolescent Development

MAT 131, 3 Units

Elementary Statistics and Probability

MUS 101, 3 Units

Introducing Music

PHI 101, 3 Units

Moral Problems

PHI 102, 3 Units

Humanity, Nature, and God

THE 120, 3 Units

Fundamentals of Speech

WMS 250, 3 Units

Foundations in Women’s Studies

UNV 101, 3 Units

Personal, Social and Intellectual Development

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register for summer courses?

First-time, first-year students will be able to enroll in summer courses during New Student Orientation (NSO). NSO will take place during the month of June. Students will be able to meet with an advisor to discuss which courses are best to take for the summer and fall.

How do I register for summer courses?

First-time, first-year students will be able to enroll for summer courses during during the New Student Orientation (NSO).  New Students Orientation will take place during the month of June. Students will be able to meet with an advisor to discuss which courses are best to take for the summer and fall.

How many summer courses may I take?

All incoming first-time, first-year students may take up to two General Education (GE) courses (6 to 8-units). Students with an Early Start requirement (Levels III & IV) will need to enroll in an Early Start Math and/or English course(s).

When will I know which summer course to take?

When you attend New Student Orientation (NSO), an advising team will assist you with registering in the appropriate summer courses. During your meeting with your advisor, you will ensure you picked the correct course(s) based on your major and level placement.

How do I check the GE courses offered for this summer?

To view the class offerings for a term without logging into your student account, access My Class Search.  

How do I access my student account?

If you wish to log into your account, you may access your MyCSUDH page at  

What if I am having issues accessing MyCSUDH?

If you are having trouble accessing MyCSUDH or the "class search," please try one of following:

  1. If you are receiving an error message saying your account is disabled:
    1. Close and re-open your browser session and try to access again.
    2. Clear your internet cache. Here are instructions for clearing your internet browser cache.
  2. If the error message states: "User ID and Password are required," please double check your username and password and try again on the login prompt.
  3. If an error message states: "Unauthorized to access the page," please double check if the browser you are using is on the list of supported browsers.
  4. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please submit an IT HelpWeb request via the IT Service Portal online or contact the IT Help Desk at Ext. 2500 while on campus.
When do summer courses start?

Summer courses for first-time, first-year students will take place during Summer Session II from July 11th – August 19th, 2022. Courses will be offered in person. 

How much do the DHFYE Summer Experience and summer courses cost?

First-time, first-year CSU Dominguez Hills students who successfully complete a FAFSA or CA DREAM application may qualify for a fee waiver that will cover the cost of tuition and fees, making these courses free for those who complete the summer courses they are enrolled in.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the DHFYE Summer Experience?

For questions, please contact the Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience team at

How do I drop a class, and what is the drop deadline?

For step-by-step instructions for how to drop a class, please view "Drop Process." 

Drop Deadlines:

  • Monday, July 11th – Friday, July 15th, 2022: Late Registration and Add/Drop, fees due
  • Monday, July 18th, 2022: Instructor Drop
  • Thursday, July 21st, 2022: Last Day to Drop Without “W” grade
  • Friday, July 22nd – Friday, July 29th, 2022: Serious and Compelling Reason Required to Withdraw
  • Monday, August 1st – Friday August 19th, 2022: Serious Accident/Illness Required to Withdraw

For additional questions, contact the CSUDH Registrar’s Office at 310-243-3645 or email at