DHFYE Summer Housing

Students participating in the DHFYE Summer Experience have an opportunity to earn college credit while residing in University Housing before the fall semester. The DHFYE Summer Experience is designed to orient first-time, first-year students with many aspects of college life, including what to expect in college-level courses and learning more about their academic and career interests. Students will also be able to learn about academic and support services and get involved in campus life. The Summer Housing is a perfect way for students to start building a strong foundation and connect with peers, campus community, and staff.

Only first-time, first-year students participating in the DHFYE Summer Experience from July 11th through August 19th, 2022 may apply for Summer Housing. Room offerings will be determined by proximity of campus and housing needs. Furthest distance (20 miles or more) from the campus and housing insecure students will receive priority.

How can students apply for summer housing?

Unfortunately, the summer 2022 housing application has closed.

How much does summer housing cost?

The cost of housing for July 8th through August 19th (six weeks) will be $1,505 ($35 per day).

Students may pay in full or make two installment payments of $752.50. The first payment will be due by July 1st and the second payment will be due by August 1st.

Can Financial Aid cover the cost for summer housing?

Unfortunately, Financial Aid is not available before the start of the Fall semester. As such, students will be responsible for the summer housing fees.

Where will students reside, and what will it include?

First-time, first-year students will reside in the Housing Residence Hall in a Triple or Quad room. A maximum of three (3) students will be assigned per room. The Residence Hall rooms are furnished with an XL twin bed and mattress, a desk with a desk chair, and a small closet.  Wi-Fi Internet access is also available. The restrooms, large community kitchen, and smaller kitchenettes are shared.

For a virtual tour and to see photos of University Housing, please visit OUR VIRTUAL WALKTHROUGH and the DIFFERENT ROOM TYPES THAT ARE OFFERED.

When will students be able to move in and out?

Students that are offered a space for summer housing will be able to move in on Friday, July 8th and will move out on Friday, August 19th, 2022.

What if students have housing for the fall semester?

Students with Fall 2022 University Housing assignments may continue to live on campus from August 20th - 25th (between DHFYE Summer Experience Housing and Fall 2022 semester) at the rate of $210 ($35 per day).

University Housing cannot guarantee summer room assignments will remain the same for the fall term. Please contact Ayesha Marcel amarcel@csudh.edu to request this continued housing in advance.

How may students apply for housing for the fall semester?

Students must complete this housing application.

Please contact Ayesha Marcel amarcel@csudh.edu for more information.

What if the student has special needs that require housing accommodations?

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA), CSUDH is committed to providing reasonable housing accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Students seeking disability-related housing accommodations should register with the Student disAbility Resource Center (SdRC).

Student disAbility Resource Center

Welch Hall (WH-D180)
(310) 243-3660

How can students request a roommate?

Students can choose to list another person(s) they want to share the room with in their application. University Housing will do their best to assign the requested roommate(s) based on space availability.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

For more information about summer housing contact, the Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience team at dhfye@csudh.edu.

For more information about University Housing for Fall contact, Ayesha Marcel at amarcel@csudh.edu.