Racial Equity Leadership Alliance


California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is a proud member of the University of Southern California (USC) Racial Equity Leadership Alliance. This 3-year alliance spearheaded by the USC Race and Equity Center, will serve as a tool for achieving our equity goals and improving racial literacy on campus. The alliance provides high-quality, monthly professional development workshops and access to a digital repository of useful tools including virtual learning communities and an online resource library. 

Register for Live eConvenings

Each month, CSUDH employees will have the opportunity to participate in a live two-hour synchronous eConvening. Each eConvening will allow participants to engage with other CSU professionals and learn from 62 experts who teach in the USC Equity Institutes. The learning sessions will focus on strategies and practical approaches. Instructors will use cases that have recently occurred, teach how to get ahead of situations and reduce the risk of crisis, and teach actionable equity leadership strategies.

All eConvenings will be recorded and made available in the Equity Connect portal.

View the eConvening sessions [PDF]

Summer 2023

Equity-Minded Student Affairs Practices
Tuesday, July 25
Registration link: uscrec.info/csu5

Fall 2023

Resolving Racial Tensions Among Employees
Wednesday, August 16
Registration link: uscrec.info/csu6

Recruiting and Hiring Faculty of Color
Monday, September 11
Registration link: uscrec.info/csu7

Integrating Racial Topics in Courses Across the
Wednesday, October 4
Registration link: uscrec.info/csu8

Teaching the Truth About America’s Racial History
Thursday, November 2
Registration link: uscrec.info/csu9

Inclusive Classrooms and Teaching Practices
Thursday, December 7
Registration link: uscrec.info/csu10

Spring 2024

Supporting and Empowering Undocumented Students
Thursday, January 25
Registration link: USCREC.INFO/CSU11

Erasure of AAPI and Native American Students and Employees
Monday, February 12
Registration link: USCREC.INFO/CSU12

Using Survey Data to Improve Campus Racial Climate
Monday, March 4
Registration link: USCREC.INFO/CSU13

Register for Your Equity Connect Portal Account

As an institutional member of the alliance, all CSUDH employees have access to Equity Connect. Equity Connect is an online portal that contains video recordings and assets from eConvenings, as well as other downloadable racial equity resources. Within the portal, you will also have the ability to form and actively participate in virtual communities of practice. Posing questions of practice, offering advice to colleagues, sharing effective practices, and fostering new collaborations are all possible in the virtual communities.  

The following virtual communities have already been created and are waiting for you to join:

  • Strategies and Resources to Support Student Equity
  • Equity VPs, Deans, Directors, and Coordinators 
  • Race-Conscious Approaches to Instruction and Curriculum
  • Leveraging Data for Equity Inside and Outside the Classroom


View the Equity Connect informational [PDF] and Equity Connect registration instructions [PDF]

If you have questions or concerns regarding the University of Southern California (USC) Racial Equity Leadership Alliance, please contact us at vpdei@csudh.edu.