Ally Training



Our undocumented student ally training aims to increase the CSUDH community’s awareness of the unique needs of undocumented students. We strongly encourage faculty, staff, students, and community members to attend the training to learn about the history, legislation, and experiences of undocumented students in higher education. The undocu-ally trainings is a professional learning opportunity for educators to develop and enhance their working knowledge regarding serving undocumented student populations at CSUDH.


The USAC undocu-ally training team is comprised of undocumented students, staff, and faculty who work together to implement educational training with primary goals for attendees to gain better understanding of the:

  • needs of undocumented students
  • policies and laws pertaining to undocumented immigrants
  • resources available for undocumented students at CSUDH
  • ways individuals can be allies to undocumented students


Upon completion of the training, individuals receive an ally decal (shown at top of page). The decal represents to undocumented students that the individual, who has the decal prominently displayed in their immediate work-space, is an ally who is familiar, supportive, and committed to working toward providing a safe, confidential support network for members of the undocumented community.


Through their collaborative efforts, our Undocumented Student Ally Coalition (USAC) and E.N.F. Espiritu de Nuestro Futuro delivered the first-ever undocumented student ally training in the spring of 2015.

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