UndocuScholars Project

The UndocuScholars Project is a research study led by Dr. Joanna Perez, Assistant Professor of Sociology at CSUDH. The goal if this project is to understand the ways in which immigration policies impact undocumented students and how undocumented students mobilize to cope and contest illegality. Our proposed project consists of in-depth interviews, participant observations, archives, and social media to understand the ways in which today’s social and political landscape impacts the undocumented immigrant community as well as allies who advocate for immigrant rights.
This research hopes to not only enhance the academic knowledge base, but to also make the research accessible to those who are not in academic settings. At the same time, this research seeks to promote an understanding about the importance of creating social change through community building and institutional partnerships. As research has shown, being able to share one’s story is a form of liberation and empowerment. In essence, it is possible that their narratives will not only benefit them on an individual basis, but it will also serve to promote social justice in society.

Requirements to participate:


  • Must be a CSUDH student or alumni
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Self-identify as undocumented, DACAmented, AB540, TPS, UndocuBlack, UndocuQueer, UndocuAPI, and/or Dreamer


  • Be or have been employees of CSUDH in staff, faculty, and/or administrator roles
  • Self-identify as allies of the undocumented immigrant community
  • Must have gone through the CSUDH Ally Training 

To express interest and/or sign-up for the study, please contact csudh.undocuscholars@gmail.com

Contact Information:

For other questions or inquiries related to the study, please contact Dr. Joanna Perez at joperez@csudh.edu.