Frequently Asked Questions

What is Directed Self Placement (DSP)?

DSP is not a test; it is a free online survey in which you answer a series of questions about your reading and writing habits. The survey will recommend which First Year Composition (FYC) course might best suit your needs, but you make the final course selection.

Who is required to DSP?

All entering first-time freshman are required to complete DSP unless you have already received college credit for First Year Composition (English).

How is DSP administered?

DSP is a free online survey accessed through Blackboard. You will log in, and at the conclusion of DSP, select the FYC course you will take in your first semester or year at CSUDH. For log-in issues, call (310) 243-2500

How long does it take to complete DSP?

You can complete DSP in just 5 - 10 minutes.

How are DSP and Orientation related?

In order to enroll in an FYC course at orientation, you are required to complete DSP at least one week before orientation.

What if I do not complete DSP?

You will not be placed in an FYC course at orientation if you have not completed DSP. FYC courses fill up very quickly; if you have not completed DSP before orientation, you are less likely to get the course you want.

Do I need to complete DSP if I received AP, IB, or college credit for English?

No, if you received credit for first-year composition (English) through an English AP exam, an International Baccalaureate course, or a course at another college or university, then you do not need to complete DSP.

Once I have completed DSP, can I change my course selection?

No, your DSP decision is binding so you should weigh your options carefully before choosing a course. In exceptional cases, you may appeal your DSP choice before the end of the first week of classes by contacting the DSP Coordinator Siskanna Naynaha (snaynaha@csudh.edu).