Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSP?

DSP is not a test! It is an online tutorial application in which you complete a reading, write an essay, and answer a series of questions in order to help you reflect on your reading and writing skills. The survey will give you a recommendation for which First Year Composition (FYC) class might best suit you, but ultimately it is YOUR decision to select your FYC class at the end of the application.

Who is required to DSP?

All entering first-year, first-time students are required to complete DSP (unless you have already received college credit for First Year Composition) and must complete DSP before you can enroll in classes at orientation. Students should complete DSP by May 20, 2022. 

How is DSP administered?

DSP is an online application accessed through a secure website. All students log in, and at the conclusion of DSP, select the First Year Composition (English) course they will take their first semester or year at CSUDH.

How long does it take to complete DSP?

DSP can be done in one sitting, or over the course of several days. Plan for 3-4 hours to complete it. 

What is the cost of DSP?

DSP is free of charge.

Can I take DSP at CSUDH?

Currently the campus is fully remote/online, and we cannot offer computer lab assistance to complete the survey.

How are New Student Orientation and DSP related?

Students should complete DSP no later than May 20, 2022. In order to enroll in First Year Composition (English) at New Student Orientation (NSO), students must complete DSP first. Students who have not completed DSP will not be allowed to enroll in any First Year Composition classes at NSO (and these courses fill up very quickly!).

Once I’ve completed DSP, can I change my mind?

No, your DSP decision is binding. Because such changes would present enormous challenges for students and the university alike, it will not be possible once you make a course selection for you to change your DSP choice. For this reason, it is best for you weigh your options carefully before you complete the DSP survey. Under exceptional circumstances, students may write to Dr. Siskanna Naynaha (snaynaha@csudh.edu) to appeal to change their DSP choice, but only before the semester begins or within the first week of classes.

Do I need to complete DSP if I received AP, IB, or college credit for English?

If you received credit for first year composition (English) through an English AP exam, an International Baccalaureate course, or a course at another college or university, then you do not need to complete DSP.

I've completed DSP, when will I hear back out my DSP essay?

You will not hear back about your essay. The purpose of the essay-writing portion of DSP is for you to reflect on your writing skills in order to make an educated decision about which FYC course is best for you.

Who will read my DSP essay?

While your DSP essay is not reviewed by the university or the English department, your First Year Composition instructor may request access to your DSP essay. Please make sure to save a copy of your completed essay in case your FYC instructor wishes to use it! Your FYC instructor may choose to incorporate your DSP essay into their course or use it as preliminary sample of your writing, but it will not be graded and will not be used to change your course selection. This is one reason you should put a genuine effort into your essay.