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Program Description

The Department of Earth Science offers degree programs in both Earth Science and Geography. Both programs feature a strong emphasis on understanding the natural world and human management of its natural resources. We also offer minors in Earth Science and Geography and a certificate program in Geo-techniques including GIS and Remote Sensing. Students can take courses in environmental analysis, global change, field mapping, the urban environment, natural resources, and geologic processes. Additional topics explored include resource consumption, environmental legislation, and landscape change. The departments focus is on field activities and hands-on experiences. Many of our courses include field trips that provide opportunities for students to experience firsthand the topics covered in class. Field trip locations include Death Valley, Mojave National Preserve, Owens valley, Santa Monica Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, and Mono Lake. The combination of classroom, field and lab experiences enables our students to find employment in diverse fields such as urban/regional planning, environmental monitoring and consulting, and natural resources management. Many of our majors go on to graduate school.

To give an example of the wide range of field trips offered by CSUDH Earth Science & Geography faculty, click on either of the links below for a field trip guide to the Palos Verdes Peninsula, located close to the CSUDH campus in the South Bay Area. Although focused on geology, the guide is designed for the non-geologist, and thus can be used for introductory earth science and geology courses, physical geography courses, K-12 teachers and their students, and the public-at-large. The guide can be used for either on ground or virtual field trips.

Earth Science Career Possibilities

The Earth Science major prepares students for a wide range of employment opportunities within government, industry and non-profit organizations. Specific fields include environmental protection and consulting; natural resource management; air and water quality monitoring; geologic hazards and geotechnical investigations; water and power-generation utilities; and meteorology, hydrology, and oceanography. The earth science degree also provides excellent training for graduate programs.

Students may prepare for career teaching at the secondary level (middle and high school) by completing an approved "Subject Matter Preperation Program" for Geoscience. Completion of such a program is the first step in meeting the state requirements for a teaching credential. As the program requirements for the Subject Matter Preparation Program routinely change, interested students should consult designated department adviser for currnet information.

Geography Career Possibilities

Many societal problems have geographic dimensions and training in geography provides essential skills for solving them. Geographic skills such as GIS, the analysis of remote-sensed imagery and other geotechniques are in high demand from governments, non-governmental organizations, and private industry alike and at local, regional, national, and international levels. Opportunities include environmental consulting, planning and zoning; urban and regional planning; resource management and conservation; energy; air and water quality management; secondary (middle and high school) teaching; and a wide array of social service firms and agencies. The geographic toolkit has many applications.

Geography is an appropriate major for students preparing for a career in teaching Social Science at the secondary level as part of an approved "Subject Matter Preparation Program". Completion of such a program is the first step in meeting the state requirements for a teaching credential. Interested students should consult a designated department adviser  for current information as the the program requirements for the "Subject Matter Preparation Program" regularly change.

Academic Advisement

Majors should consult with their adviser prior to registration each semester. Records of students' progress toward the degree are maintained in the CMS PeopleSoft. Students should check their progress regularly.

See our Undergraduate [PDF] Student Learning Outcomes now online.


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