About Us

CSUDH students attending class
CSUDH South Bay Economics Institute

The Economics Institute
Drives a Clear Mission and Vision

What We Do

Research and Consulting rooted in the South Bay community

  • A total of $278,750 since establishing
  • $115,000 from Mineta Transportation Institute and South Bay Workforce Investment Board for study of telework and flexible working practices in the South Bay
  • $101,500 from Los Angeles World Trade Center and CSUDH President’s Office to conduct a survey of foreign-owned businesses
  • $45,000 from South Bay Workforce Investment Board for report on the impact of Blockchain on the South Bay economy
  • $17,250 from University Village Housing Development Project to survey faculty and staff about housing issues

Publications and Technical Reports


  • Student Fellows program – hiring students to gain hands-on research experience
  • SBEF Student Research Competition
  • Economics classes across multiple department at College of Business Administration and Public Policy

Community Outreach

Mission statement

The Economics Institute at CSUDH aims to lead the South Bay region with innovative and forward-thinking economics education and research. The Economics Institute serves the College of Business Administration and Public Policy faculty and students, as well as community stakeholders by:

  1. Developing CSUDH economics curriculum and teaching while incorporating proven high-impact practices;
  2. Engaging our diverse student body in economic analysis projects through mentoring programs, guest speakers, and community outreach opportunities; and
  3. Facilitating faculty development through economics research resources, grant writing deliverables, and local business and government community engagement.

Vision statement

The Economics Institute sees the following future:

  1. An Economics Major developed at CSUDH;
  2. Student Fellows conducting meaningful and innovative economics research with faculty mentorship, and being prepared for graduate school and careers in the field;
  3. A self-sustainable business model based on external grants, certificate programs, and community engagement events;
  4. Faculty engaging in respected economics research which is grounded in the Dominguez Hills community and published in high-level journals.