Encounter to Excellence

Hello Toros!

As you may know, Encounter to Excellence is no longer an active program at CSUDH. However, this fall we are launching new college student success centers that are dedicated to ensuring you THRIVE as a Toro. Make an advising appointment and get connected to your new student success center.

College of Arts and Humanities Student Success Center

Location: LCH C316
Phone: 310-243-3264
Email: cahsuccess@csudh.edu
Website: Arts and Humanities Student Success Center

College of Business Administration and Public Policy Student Success Center

Location: I&I 1100, 3400
Phone: (310)243-3561
Email: cbappundergrad@csudh.edu
Website: CBAPP Advising Center

College of Education Student Services Center

Location: COE 1401
Phone: 310-243-3538
Website: College of Education Student Success Center

College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing Student Success Center

Location: Welch Hall 300
Phone: (310)243-2120
Email: chhsnadvising@csudh.edu
Website: CHHSN Student Success Center

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences Student Success Center

Location: Old Library, 5th Floor 5730
Email: cnbsadvising@csudh.edu

Get and Stay Connected at DH

Campus Events

Discover unique opportunities at CSUDH Toro Link! Find and attend events, browse and join organizations, and showcase your involvement.

Career Development

The Career Center is a resource for career and professional development. Get connected with career staff for career readiness needs, questions, or general assistance. Explore, discover, and make purposeful career-related decisions.

General Education course descriptions?

Check out University Catalog: GE course descriptions. *The catalog year that applies to you is based on the year you started CSUDH as a new student.

Financial Aid for 2022-2023 school year?    

Just go to my.csudh.edu to access your student portal TO DO LIST to see if you need to submit any documents to the financial aid office drop box.

Returning Student?

Welcome back! For more information, visit Returning Toros.

Need University Housing information?  

Want the shortest commute to CSUDH? Live on campus! For more information, visit University Housing.

Campus Resources

The Basic Needs Program offers a multitude of resources on and off campus that will alleviate basic need challenges such as food, housing, transportation, or mental and health challenges.