Encounter to Excellence

Please note the following ETE Office updates:

- The ETE office is located in Welch Hall 360
- Office hours have changed for the Spring 2022 semester.

For all other questions, please contact us at ete@csudh.edu or leave a voicemail message at (310) 243-2213.

For additional updates, please follow us on Instagram @etecsudh.

For the latest CSUDH updates regarding COVID-19, please visit csudh.edu/together.

Encounter to Excellence welcomes you to our university as part of the Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience! (#DHFYE)

ETE is committed to supporting your success, from the first moment you walk onto campus. Start your CSUDH experience off strong with Encounter to Excellence!

Encounter to Excellence prepares you for a successful first year and beyond. ETE helps you build a strong foundation that supports you throughout college as you complete your degree.

As a participant in Encounter to Excellence, you'll benefit from:

  • Participation in Summer Transition, helping you prepare for your first semester at CSUDH
  • One-on-one academic advising throughout your first two years at CSUDH
  • Extra preparation to build required math and English skills
  • Support from peer mentors, current students who share similar experiences
  • The tools and information you need to succeed in college and beyond

See what ETE has to offer!

Program Services: Get the tools, resources, and information you need to succeed. Encounter to Excellence prepares you for your first year of college classes, studies, and life -- and what you learn here will continue to help you throughout your college career.

Summer TransitionCSUDH's Summer Transition serves as your introduction to your next four years at CSUDH. A six-week summer program completed before the fall semester starts, Summer Transition strengthens your English and math skills, allowing you to get a head start with courses by completing Early Start, and connects you with with an academic advisor and peer mentor.

Resources: The Encounter to Excellence office can direct you to a wide range of helpful resources, including information about CSUDH Scholarships, the CSUDH Honors Program, testing services, and more.

Now Available! You are now able to schedule an advising appointment with Encounter to Excellence through Toro Success Collaborative.

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Do you need help scheduling an appointment through Toro Success Collaborative? Here's how to schedule an ETE advising appointment [PDF].

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