Faculty Awards

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Faculty Awards are presented each year to a select group of CSUDH faculty members, in recognition of outstanding achievement in a variety of areas. Specific guidelines govern each award; nominations must conform to them. You can find the eligibility requirements, award criteria, and nominating procedure for each award by clicking on the appropriate faculty awards below. 


A faculty member who is nominated for any of these awards is strongly encouraged to submit a mini-file of supporting material (e.g., letters from colleagues and students, PTE evaluations, course materials).  Minimally, the faculty member must submit a memorandum extending permission for members of the Leaves and Honors Committee to review his/her Personnel Action File.  In the past the Committee has expressed a strong preference for reviewing mini-files that specifically address the criteria for an award.  Several years ago, in its annual report to the Academic Senate, the Committee noted, “When other nominees take the trouble to put together thoughtfully prepared mini-files, it is unlikely that the nominee who merely signs a release for access to the RTP file will be a serious contender for the award.”

To nominate a faculty member or self-nominate, the Faculty Award Nomination form must be submitted electronically to Ms. Dianne Vogel. Nominations received after the deadline will not be accepted.

2022-20223 Leaves and Honors Committee Members: 

Academic Affairs Policy: AA 2022-03 Faculty Leaves and Honors Committee

Sharon Sharp (College of Arts and Humanities)

David Dixon (College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences)

Natasa Christodoulidou (College of Business Administration and Public Policy) - CHAIR

No representative (Student Health and Psychological Services)

Kate Esposito (College of Education)

Thomas Philo (University Library) - CO-CHAIR

Nop Ratanasiripong (College of Health, Human Services and Nursing)

Reviewing Faculty Awards Only

Steven Schuelka (Non-Tenure Track Faculty Representative)

Reviewing Presidential Outstanding Professor and Lyle E. Gibson Distinguished Teacher Awards Only

Jaiden Villanueva (Associated Student, Inc. Student Representative)

2022/2023 Faculty Awards Timeline

Download Faculty Awards Timelines [PDF]

  • Call for Faculty Award Nominations, 11/01/2022                                

  • Faculty Award Nomination Forms due 12/16/2022 to Faculty Affairs and Development (electronically)

  • Faculty Awards Mini- file Submissions due 01/27/2023 to Faculty Affairs and Development- via Interfolio                     

  • Leaves and Honors Committee Review Selection Process Begins, 02/06/2023

  • Leaves and Honors Committee Advises the Provost of Selected Recipients, 02/24/2023

  • President Announces Award Recipients by 03/10/2023 

Questions about these faculty awards or the nomination and selection process should be directed to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development at facultyaffairs@csudh.edu

Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty-Lecturer Award

Named in honor of former lecturer Cathy H. Jacobs, for her outstanding record of service at CSUDH. She was the first recipient of this honorary award. The award acknowledges and honors a CSUDH full-time and part-time faculty at the rank of lecturer who has demonstrated excellence in teaching effectiveness to the CSUDH campus community. All CSUDH full-time and part-time faculty at the rank of lecturer are eligible for this award.

2023 Faculty Award Recipient:
Ms. Barbara Belmont
Chemistry and Biochemistry, CNBS

Past Recipients:

2016 Dr. Catherine H. Jacobs
2017 Dr. Mary Lacanlale  
2018 Dr. Doris Namala
2019 Dr. Elvira Teller 
2020 Dr. Anne Garrett
2021Dr. Cristina Rose Smith
2022Dr. Laurie Inman
Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award

The Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award was established in 2004 to acknowledge research, scholarship, and creative activity are essential components to the CSUDH mission. Moreover, this award recognizes these professional activities provide intellectual stimulation and motivation for student learning, are an impetus for students to emulate the work of their professors and bring recognition and prestige to the institution; it is important to recognize faculty who are working at the frontier of their discipline and contributing to human knowledge. Maintaining current involvement in their disciplines enables CSUDH faculty to be part of, and to reach out to, the academic community at large as well as the immediate community that we serve; that scholarship, research and creative activity distinguish the professional work of faculty in higher education; and further, that CSUDH has a tradition of excellent research, scholarship, and creative activity. The criteria for this award shall include consideration of: the quality and number of peer-reviewed publications; the extent of externally funded work; the visibility or recognition of creative activity; evidence of originality and creativity; evidence of excellence, including exhibitions, presentations, invitations; awards, citations, and recognition by peers and the public. All CSUDH faculty are eligible for this award.

2023 Faculty Award Recipient:
Dr. John Price, Physics, CNBS

Past Recipients:

2005 Dr. Kenneth Ganezer  
2006 Dr. Brendan McNulty 
2007 Dr. Leonardo Martinez 
2007 Dr. Jerry Moore 
2009 Dr. Larry Rosen 
2010 Dr. Karen Mason 
2011 Dr. Janine Gasco                                                                          
2011 Dr. Terrence McGlynn 
2012 Dr. Carl Sneed 
2013 Dr. Matthew Mutchler 
2014 Dr. Tara Victor 
2015 Dr. Mekada Graham  
2016 Dr. Jeff Sapp  
2017 Dr. Nancy Deng 
2018 Dr. Benito Gomez 
2018 Dr. Jennifer Sumner 
2019 Dr. Orie Berezan 
2020 Dr. Vivian Price 
2021Dr. Joanna Perez
2022Ms. Mary Lacanlale


Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award recognizes faculty contributions to University governance and development. This award acknowledges service as an essential component of the mission of CSUDH and its importance to the functioning of faculty members; the professional activities related to university governance, decision-making, institutional growth, internal communication, and dissemination of data and knowledge are important elements for the functioning and development of the University; professional activities extend beyond the walls of the University and create a positive environment for our students’ lives off campus and our affiliates in business, non-profit and charitable establishments are valuable contributions to the University’s mission and goals. Service provides collegial foundations and a commitment by participants to the continued interconnection of faculty across the disciplines and to the institution as a whole; and further, that it is important to recognize faculty who serve the University without compensation in a capacity that is distinct from either teaching or research. For this award, consideration is based on the quality and degree of service in a number of areas, including working on committees, task forces, councils, etc.; giving seminars; developing programs with elementary, middle, or high schools; student counseling and advising; working on the Academic Senate or statewide Senate; contributing to professional societies such as the moderation of panels; the drafting of important documents such as mission statements and by-laws. Consideration shall also be given to the visibility of results of such service on the University campus; evidence of originality and creativity in providing solutions to, and/or in resolving, institutional questions facing the University; evidence of excellence and dedication to the Dominguez Hills campus and community; recognition by peers and the public. All CSUDH full-time faculty and lecturers (except those who teach primarily at another campus) are eligible for this award provided that they have not have received the award within the past five (5) years.

2023 Faculty Award Recipient:
Dr. Thomas J. Norman
Management and Marketing, CBAPP

Past Recipients:

2005 Dr. Cynthia Johnson 
2006 Dr. Caron Mellblom   
2007 Dr. Cathy Jacobs 
2008 Dr. Munashe Furusa  
2009 Dr. Mohammad Eyadat 
2010 Dr. Kate Fawver 
2011Dr. Cathy Jacobs
2012 – 
2013 Dr. Mary Lou Cappel; Ms. Naomi Moy
2014 Dr. Carole Casten 
2015 – 
2016 Dr. Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar; Dr. Thomas Philo
2017  Dr. Helen Osterheld 
2018 Dr. Laura Talamante 
2019 Dr. Louis Mark Carrier  
2020 Dr. Jenney Hall  
2021Dr. Donna J. Nicol
2022Dr. Rama Malladi
Lyle E. Gibson Dominguez Hills Distinguished Teacher Award

Named in honor of the founding Vice President for Academic Affairs at CSUDH, the Lyle E. Gibson Dominguez Hills Distinguished Teacher Award originally recognized two (2) faculty members. Revised in 2004 for one recipient, this award continues to recognize a faculty member who knows their subject thoroughly, who manifests in their teaching an understanding of broad areas of knowledge, and who demonstrates an ability to select, organize, and interpret, with discernment, the materials relevant to the courses they teach. This award recognizes the person’s ability to communicate the materials of their courses effectively, for their active interest in the progress of students as individuals, and for qualities that lead that person to search continually for new and creative ways to present materials and to generate intellectual enthusiasm among students. All CSUDH full-time faculty and lecturers (except those who teach primarily at another campus) are eligible for this award provided that they have not received the award within the past five (5) years.

2023 Faculty Award Recipient:
Dr. Horace T. Crogman
Physics, CNBS

Past Recipients:

1974 Dr. Judson Grenier Dr. Winston Hewitt 
1975 Dr. George Heneghan Dr. Harold Marienthal 
1976 Dr. Chi-hua Wu Hsiung Dr. Porfirio Sanchez 
1977 Dr. Donald T. Hata, Jr. Dr. Jack Vaughn 
1978 Dr. Lois Feuer Dr. David Morafka 
1979 Dr. Jack Adams Dr. Richard Beym 
1980 Dr. Laura Robles Dr. Marilyn Sutton 
1981 Dr. Evelyn Childress  
1982 Dr. Ruth Larson Dr. William Puett 
1983 Dr.Violet Jordain Dr. Steve Riskin 
1984 Dr. Danette Dobyns Dr. David Rankin 
1985 Dr. James Lyle Dr. Kosaku Yoshida 
1986 Dr. Lisa Gray-Shellberg Dr. Michael Shafer 
1987 Dr. Doris Okada Dr. William Wilk 
1988 Dr. Joyce Johnson Dr. Raul Romero, Jr. 
1989 Dr. Susan Prescott Dr. Sydell Weiner 
1990 Dr. Harold Charnofsky Dr. Laurence Press 
1991 Dr. William Armacost Dr. James L. Cooper 
1992 Dr. Robbe Lynn Henderson Dr. Eunice Lynn Krinsky 
1993 Dr. Miguel Dominguez Dr. Farah Fisher 
1994 Dr. Suzanne Gemmell  
1995 Dr. Mary Auth Dr. Peter Desberg 
1996 Dr. Abraham Kidane Dr. Edith F. Neumann 
1997 Dr. Wayne Martin Dr. Larry Rosen 
1998 Dr. Kazimierz Kowalski  
1999 Dr. David Bradfield Dr. Sharon Russell 
2000 Dr. David Karber Mr. Richard Malamud 
2001 Dr. J. Cynthia McDermott  
2002 Dr. George Wiger  
2003 Dr. Timothy Chin  
2004 Dr. Munashe Furusa  
2005 Dr. Suzanne Medina  
2006 Mr. Donn Silvis  
2007 Dr. Noel Sturm  
2008 Dr. Maria Hurtado-Ortiz   
2009  Dr. Jon Hauss  
2010 Dr. Sally Etcheto  
2011 Dr. Emily Magruder  
2012 Dr. C. Edward Zoerner  
2013 Dr. Christopher Monty  
2014 Dr. Marie Palladini   
2015  Dr. Fahimeh Rezayat  
2016  Dr. Marisela Chavez  
2017 No Recipient   
2018 Dr. Jeff Sapp  
2019 Dr. Corina Benavides López  
2020 Dr. Ryan Bowles Eagle  
2021Dr. Kirstin L. Ellsworth 
2022Dr. Anne Choi 
Presidential Outstanding Professor Award

The Presidential Outstanding Professor Awards, originally established by the CSU Board of Trustees in September 1963, recognizes excellence in teaching. In 1995, the Board of Trustees discontinued the statewide awards, but CSUDH has continued the program as an annual campus-based award. Revised in 2004 and now called the Presidential Outstanding Professor Award, this honor recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in all areas of faculty performance, i.e., as a teacher, as a member of their profession, and as a member of the campus and community. All CSUDH full-time faculty (except those who do their teaching, research, and service primarily at another campus) that have not have received the award within the past five (5) years are eligible for this award.

2023 Faculty Award Recipient:
Dr. Laura Talamante
History, CAH

Past Recipients:

1971 Dr. Abe Ravitz 
1972 Dr. Lois Chi 
1973 Dr. Herman Loether 
1974 Ms. Yvone Lenard 
1975 Dr. Judith Grabiner 
1976 Dr. Norman Neuerburg 
1977 Mr. Marshall Bialosky 
1978 Dr. Porfirio Sanchez 
1979 Dr. Lois Chi, Recipient of State Award 
1980 No Recipient 
1981 No Recipient 
1982 Dr. Richard Bunger, Recipient of State Award 
1983 Dr. Jack Adams 
1984 Dr. Herman Loether 
1985 Dr. David Rankin 
1986 Dr. Laura Robles 
1987 Dr. Lyman Chaffee 
1988 Dr. Laura Robles                                                            
1989 Dr. Larry Rosen 
1990 Dr. Donald T. Hata, Jr., Recipient of State Award 
1991 Dr. Frances Steiner 
1992 Dr. Harold Charnofsky, Recipient of State Award 
1993 Dr. Laurence Press 
1994 Dr. Eunice Krinsky 
1995 Dr. Beverly Palmer        
1996 Dr. Burhan Yavas             
1997 Dr. Franklin Strier 
1998 Dr. Larry Rosen 
1999 Dr. Rudy Vanterpool 
2000 Dr. Farah Fisher 
2001 Dr. Lisa Gray-Shellberg 
2002 Dr. Susan Johnston 
2003 Dr. Jerry Moore 
2004 Dr. Rodrick Hay 
2005 Dr. James Cooper 
2006 Dr. O.W. Wilson 
2007 No recipient 
2008 H. Leonardo Martinez 
2009 Dr. Peter Desberg 
2010 No Recipient 
2011 L. Mark Carrier 
2012 No Recipient 
2013 No Recipient 
2014 Mr. Richard Malamud 
2014 Dr. Thomas Norman 
2015 Dr. Nancy Erbe 
2016 Dr. Keisha Paxton 
2017 No Recipient 
2018 Dr. Nancy Cheever 
2019 Dr. Katy M. Pinto 
2020 Dr. Debra Best 
2021Dr. Terry McGlynn
2022Dr. Kimberly Huth
Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Award

AY 2023-2024: Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Call.

The faculty members listed below have been awarded 3 units of assigned time for the 2023-2024 academic year. These recipients were selected based on the Leaves and Honors Committee’s evaluation and ranking scores. Congratulations to these deserving faculty. 

Faculty Member                                College                       Department   

Dr. Esther Castillo                               CNBS                          Sociology       

Dr. Ana de la Serna                             CAH                            Communications  

Mr. Lamar Glover                                CNBS                           Physics

Mr. Michael Grimshaw                         CBAPP                          Management and Marketing

Dr. Roderick Hernandez                       CAH                             English

Dr. Josh Jeffers                                   CAH                             History

Dr. Kara Kogachi                                 CHHSN                         Child Development

Dr. Samantha Leigh                            CNBS                            Biology

Dr. Adriean Mancillas                           COE                             Graduate Education

Dr. Eillen Tecle                                    CNBS                           Biology


Faculty Award Nominee Form Due January 27, 2023 [PDF]

Faculty Award Nomination Form Due December 16, 2022 [PDF]

AY 2023-2024 - Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Form

Due: April 3, 2023 [PDF]