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Faculty Development Center LogoFaculty Learning Community (Fall 2016): Best Practices for Effective Online Teaching  

Faculty profiles in recognition of unique and special contributions by our colleagues.

The faculty members below actively participated in a faculty learning community to engage on the topic of effective online teaching. The participants below provided resources to augment online courses. Please note, many of these tools are useful in face-to-face courses, as well.

Faculty participants attended scheduled meetings through the fall, and submitted deliverables of their work in the faculty learning community. Deliverables included the following:

  • A revised syllabus with 2-3 student engagement strategies highlighted 
  • A new or revised course assignment reflecting the specific FLC focus
  • A new or revised evaluative criteria for the assignment (e.g., rubrics or the like)
  • Create a short training video or comparable product (5-15 minutes) to contribute to the Faculty Development Center training resources for online or hybrid teaching. 

The following faculty members participated in the Fall 2016 FLC: Best Practices for Online Teaching

Andrea Johnson, P.h.D.

Assistant Professor, History

 Andrea Johnson


Click the following link for Andrea's tutorial:  Kahoot It Tutorial by Andrea Johnson

Adam Sanford, Degree

Lecturer, Sociology

Adam Sanford

Click the following link for Adam's tutorial:  Remind System by Adam Sanford

Jessica Federman, P.h.D

Assistant Professor, Management and Marketing

Click the following link to download a pdf of Dr. Federman's presentation:

 Online Teaching: An interview about Blackboard

[Get Adobe Acrobat Reader]


Lei Lai, P.h.D.

Associate Professor, Management and Marketing

Lie Lai

 Click the following link for Lei's tutorial: Assignment Design in Promoting Student Engagement by Lei Lai


Myron Sheu, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Information Systems and Operations Management

Myron Sheu

Click the following link for Mryon's tutorial: https://youtu.be/Pmeoe4u4RMA

Pau Fornelli, MFA

Lecturer, Communications

Click the following link for Paul's tutorial: Online Teaching by Paul Fornelli