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Quality Assurance

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Greetings Faculty Community,

The Faculty Development Center (FDC) will be holding numerous Bootcamps to assist Faculty in "Improving Your Online Courses, inclusive of the Quality Matters Rubrics" from developing a course Syllabus to structuring the online course format in Blackboard.  These Bootcamps will be held throughout the Summer during the months of May and June.  Please visit the Events link:  https://www.csudh.edu/fdc/events/ to reserve a spot to attend one of the Bootcamps this Summer.  Each Bootcamp is limited to 40 participants.

Other training workshops are also offered by the office of Academic Technology, please visit: https://www.csudh.edu/academic-technology/workshops/​.

Online and Hybrid Courses

CSUDH is a Quality Matters (QM) affiliated campus which is part of the CSU Quality Assurance (QA) program.  QM is a standard that is nationally as well as internationally recognized.  Through the CSU system, QM is sponsored by the Chancellor’s Office (CO).  This standard provides a uniform framework used by the CSU system to improve the quality of Online and Hybrid courses.

QM uses a rubric consisting of 23 “essential” QM standards to assists faculty in developing and evaluating online, along with hybrid courses to achieve high-quality standards by ensuring alignment between course objectives, assessments, materials, activities, and tools.

It just takes four simple steps for faculty to get started in joining the CSUDH QM community and having your Online and/or Hybrid courses certified through the CSU/CO:

  • Step 1: Enroll and complete CSU/CO and/or CSUDH Instructional Technology sponsored courses:  Faculty can obtain certification by completing the CSU/CO Improving Your Online and Applying the Quality Matter Rubric courses.  Or, enroll and complete the CSUDH Instructional Technology Online training courses.  To gain permission access to the CSUDH Instructional Technology training courses, contact Reza Boroon at rboroon@csudh.edu.
  • Step 2: Get your Online and/or Hybrid courses certified:  Go through the formal CSU/CO process of getting your Online and/or Hybrid courses certified.  This will help faculty earn CSUDH Quality Matters membership status and QM certification badge recognition to display on all your certified Online and Hybrid courses.
  • Step 3: Become a Peer Reviewer or Master Peer Reviewer:  Gain CSUDH QM Ambassador status as a Peer Reviewer by sharing your personal experiences and best practices with other CSUDH faculty to assist them in having their courses CSU/CO certified too.  There is also an added benefit of earning a stipend for serving as a CSUDH QM Ambassador in an official capacity.
  • Step 4: Contact us at:  fdc@csudh.edu to get started today.

Online and Hybrid Teaching Resources

Please click on the following link to access a DropBox folder with any of the files listed below:


  • ABCs of Online Teaching
  • Flipping the Discussion Thread and Blackboard and Blogs
  • Interactive Onsite Teaching Strategies PowerPoint Slides
  • Migrating Onsite Classes to Hybrid or Online Learning
  • Online Migration Top Ten
  • Utilizing Case Studies, Scenarios, and Simulations for Onsite, Hybrid, and Online Courses