Theme 6 FIG Course

Race, Inequality, & Social Justice: Because Black Lives Matter

In this FIG pairing, students take three courses together as a cohort (THE 120, UNV 101, and ENG 110), that will discuss the various forms of racism, discrimination, and movements for social justice within the Black American community. These thought-provoking courses will draw from a variety of interesting readings, historical perspectives, narratives, multimedia, and popular culture to discuss structural inequalities through an intersectional and student-centered lens. Some course topics include family, education, politics, housing, environment, legal, immigration, health, and work. Students will have the opportunity to pair current day happenings with important historical events and use their creativity to design new ideas for social change. These courses will provide students with an appreciation for issues facing Black people in America and highlight the strengths of the culture.

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Theme: The Power of Your Voice

THE 120
Fundamentals of Speech

Day/Time: T/Th 11:30 am-12:45 pm
Instructor: Shaunte Caraballo

About this Course

Did you know you have a secret weapon? Your voice! In this course, you’ll learn how to use your voice in powerful way by exploring and practicing the principles of speech communication. Classes cover the use of organization and evidence in speech preparation, and emphasize research and performance techniques. Students focus on developing and delivering extemporaneous speeches. The other courses in this FIG will deepen our analysis by providing valuable historical and sociological insights about race, mobility, and the Black American experience.

Theme: Healing Communities: Black & Brown Solidarity

UNV 101
Personal, Social, and Intellectual Development (First Year Seminar)

Day/Time: T/Th 2:30 pm-3:45 pm
Instructor: Joanna Perez

About this Course

Let’s make the world a better place...together. Black and Brown communities are deeply impacted by structural inequality. Using an intersectional lens that accounts for race, class, gender, sexuality, immigration status, and other social identities, this course will discuss various social issues that impact Black and Brown communities. Drawing on historical, theoretical, cultural, narrative, and multimedia materials, students will analyze how the struggles of Black and Brown communities are interlinked. Ultimately, students will gain a critical understanding of the ways that Black and Brown solidarity, activism, and community healing have the power to alter their social conditions and create social change.

Theme: Pen and Politics

ENG 110
Freshman Composition

Day/Time: T/TH 10:00 am-11:15 am
Instructor: Sara Cristin

About this Course

Harness the power of the pen! This class treats writing as both an act of curiosity and communication, and it offers opportunities to identify, develop, and express concepts; engage in conversations with the ideas of others; and critique and construct arguments through original research. Throughout this engaging course, we will explore novels, memoirs, and essays to document Black Americans’ search for freedom. The other courses in this FIG will deepen our analysis by providing valuable historical and sociological insights about race, inequity, and the Black American experience.