Humanities External Degree Program

Humanities External Degree Program

Financial Aid Information: Applying for a Federal Student Loan

Students who wish to apply for financial aid are required to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can visit our Apply for Financial Aid page for detailed instructions.


As a Humanities External Degree (HUX) Student, you are eligible to borrow a William D. Ford Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan for up to the full amount of your registration fees. HUX students are not eligible to receive a financial aid refund check and will be responsible for their books and supplies. Students must enroll in a minimum of four (4) graduate units each semester. Your initial Direct Loan award will be based on the minimum number of units allowed (4 units). If you enroll in more than 4 units, your award will be automatically adjusted to cover the complete cost of your fees. When a loan is certified it will be for the amount of your registration fee plus the origination fee. For example, if you enroll in 4 units your fees will be $1,024 ($256 per unit). You will be offered a student loan of $1,034 and once the origination fee is deducted the remaining amount will cover your registration fees.

Before receiving a William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan, first-time student borrowers must complete a Loan Entrance Counseling Session and Electronic Master Promissory Note (EMPN). You may fulfill both requirements by going online to

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) For Financial Aid Recipients

CSUDH is required by federal law to establish, publish and apply reasonable standards for measuring whether a student is maintaining satisfactory academic progress toward a degree objective, and to ensure progress toward the degree for all periods of enrollment, whether or not the student has received financial aid. These standards are applicable to all financial aid recipients at CSUDH and affect eligibility for all federal and state aid, including grants, student loans, and work-study.

Review our SAP here.

Any questions regarding your financial aid application or processing should be directed to Michelle Matthews in the Financial Aid Office via telephone at (310) 243-3691 or via email at