Online Programs

Students participating in the online distance learning programs at CSUDH attend on a session basis. This means that the course-work will be divided into sessions throughout our traditional academic year.

Traditional Academic Year Semesters

The traditional academic year at CSUDH consists of 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) as follows:

FallAugust - December
SpringJanuary - May
SummerJune - August

Online Program Sessions

(Please contact Extended Education for exact dates, as they are subject to change.)


SpringSession 1: January through March
SummerSession 2: April through June
Fall #1Session 3: July through September
Fall #2Session 4: September through December

Online Program Sessions

(Please contact Extended Education for exact dates, as they are subject to change.)

Applied Studies

Summer 1May-June
Summer 2July-September
Fall 1September-October
Fall 2October-December



Disbursements are issued at the beginning of each semester and NOT at the beginning of each session.

The Financial Aid Office determines your eligibility based on the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To apply, visit FAFSA online. Please note, students must reapply for financial aid for each new academic year.

As a distance learning student through the online master's program, you will not be eligible for federal or state grants. Rather, you are considered eligible for a federal unsubsidized loan only. If you are eligible to borrow a William D. Ford Deferral Direct Loan, it will be paid in two equal installments, or three if you will be enrolled during the summer session. These installments will occur at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

Before receiving a William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan, first-time student borrowers must complete a Loan Entrance Counseling Session and Electronic Master Promissory Note (EMPN). You may fulfill both requirements by going online to

We encourage students to limit the amount they choose to borrow. Remember, a student loan must be REPAID!

To receive your loan disbursement, you must enroll at least half time as a master's student (minimum 4 units of 500 level courses). Therefore, if your online program offers 3-unit courses only, you will need to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units to be eligible for the loan disbursement.

To receive Summer financial aid, you must complete and submit a Summer Request Form to the Financial Aid Office. This form is usually available mid-March and can be printed from this website.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) For Financial Aid Recipients

CSUDH is required by federal law to establish, publish, and apply reasonable standards for measuring whether a student is maintaining satisfactory academic progress toward a degree objective, and to ensure progress toward the degree for all periods of enrollment, whether or not the student has received financial aid. These standards are applicable to all financial aid recipients at CSUDH and affect eligibility for all federal and state aid, including grants, student loans, and work-study.

Please review our SAP policy here

For additional information on program requirements and courses, please contact Extended Education at (310) 243-3741.

If you have any questions about financial aid, just contact us. We're here to help.