Search for More Scholarships

Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Scholarship Search

  1. The time to start researching scholarships is now! There are all kinds of resources available. Start by looking on scholarship websites. We've provided a list of some of the top sites below to get you started. You can also check your local library, other university financial aid offices, civic organizations, and the places where you or your parents are employed or do volunteer work.
  2. Scholarships are available for students planning to enter college, already in college, or even in graduate school. High School students should start their scholarship search during sophomore year.
  3. Scholarships are available to students of all backgrounds, abilities, and levels. They are not limited to students with high academic averages, those entering college, or those who can demonstrate financial need.
  4. Scholarship committees, admissions recruiters, and employers look favorably upon students who participate in extracurricular activities or do volunteer work. Group activities promote leadership qualities, communication skills, purpose, and commitment.
  5. Most scholarship applications require a written personal statement discussing your background, accomplishments, and goals. This statement can set you apart from other applicants. Get started composing your personal statement now.

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AmeriCorps - Corporation for National Service