Intent to Enroll

Congratulations on your admission! Submitting your Intent to Enroll is required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO), apply for housing, receive mandatory academic advisement, and register for classes. Although the deadline for your intent to enroll is June 1, you may submit it sooner in order to take advantage of course availability and university resources.

In order to ensure a successful transition to CSUDH, please use the links in this section to see what your next steps are. 

Activate Username & Account

Please follow the below steps to locate your CSUDH Username

    1. Go to:
    2. Enter your 9-digit CSUDH Student ID number (Your ID number is located on your acknowledgment or acceptance email/letter).
    3. Enter your 8-digit Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY).
    4. Indicate whether you have a Social Security Number (SSN), YES or NO.  
      1. If YES, enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and press Enter.
        1. Your CSUDH Username and Temporary Password will be displayed.
      2. If NO, please contact the IT Help Desk at (310) 243-2500, option 1 for further instructions.
    5. Proceed to activate your campus account (below).

    If you have retrieved your username and temporary password (above), please follow the below steps to activate your campus account:

    1. Click on Set Up My Security Questions to continue.
    2. Enter your username and password, and LOG IN.*
      1. Setup (5) security questions.
      2. Once answers are typed in, click SAVE in upper right.  A confirmation prompt will flash. 
    3. On your PROFILE page, click the option to CHANGE PASSWORD.  This will take you to the Change Password screen.
    4. Click SAVE after updating the password.  A confirmation prompt will flash. 
    5. Click SAVE on the PROFILE page again.  Click on your name in upper right, select LOGOUT.
    6. Visit to log in and access your campus account.
    7. Click “Sign In” to access your account.

    *Note: After login, if the page indicates "You don't have any apps set up" please click on your name on the upper right, then PROFILE.

    If you need additional login assistance, please contact IT Help Desk at 310-243-2500, option 1.

Access Your Campus Account at MyCSUDH Portal

Access your Campus Account at MyCSUDH

  1. Go to your Campus Account at
  2. Enter your User ID (this is your username)
  3. Enter your new password
  4. Click “Sign In” to access your account

If you need additional login assistance, please contact IT User Services at 310-243-2500.

Submit Intent To Enroll & Register for New Student Orientation (NSO)

For a Step by Step Guide to submitting your Intent to Enroll deposit & Register for New Student Orientation* please click here.

  • Accept or Decline your admissions to CSUDH
  • Submit your $125 non-refundable Intent to Enroll deposit by June 1, 2020
  • Submit your $99 non-refundable New Student Orientation (NSO) Fee by June 1, 2020 and register for a NSO date

To qualify for the Intent to Enroll deposit waiver, you must have filed a 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act application by March 2, 2020 with CSUDH school code 001141, and received a Student Aid Report (SAR) with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $0.

Students who filed a FAFSA or California Dream Act application after March 2 will not be eligible for the waiver. There are no exceptions.

If you are interested in living on campus, only students who have submitted their Intent To Enroll Deposit and register for New Student Orientation (NSO) will have access to apply for housing. The sooner you submit your Intent to Enroll Deposit and register for NSO, the better chance you will have to live on campus. Housing is assigned on a first-come, first served basis and space is limited. 

The Intent to Enroll deposit AND New Student Orientation fee are non-refundable, even if your admission is revoked. Initial admission decisions are conditional and based on self-reported information. Final admission confirmation is validated upon the submission of final official transcripts by July 15, 2020.

REDIRECTED  & CONDITIONALLY ADMITTED STUDENTS:  Your admission decision was based on self-reported information from your application for admission.  If you don't complete the required courses with grades of "C" or better, maintain the eligibility index, and meet all deadlines, your admission will be revoked.  Even if you have met all other requirements and have already registered for classes.  Once we receive your final official transcript(s) with your high school graduation date and official test scores, we'll perform a final review of your eligibility to confirm your admission to CSUDH.  Official documents are due July 15, 2020.

*Students admitted to the following programs are not required to attend General NSO or pay the General NSO Fee: Applied Studies, Nursing, Quality Assurance, and all Certificate Programs. You will receive information directly from your academic department if a program-specific orientation is required.

If you need additional login assistance, contact IT User Services at 310-243-2500.

If you need additional assistance with submitting your Intent to Enroll or Registering for NSO, contact Customer Service at 310-243-3645.