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Welcome Parents and Families to the Toro Nation

At CSUDH, we understand how hard your student worked to achieve this milestone and we know they did not accomplish this alone. Your support and encouragement is vital to the their continued success. Whether this is your first student attending University or your last, the Outreach & School Relations office is here to be a resource for you as you go through this journey with your student. 

We believe that an informed and involved support system begins with you, so we have listed a wealth of information for you below. We hope this meets your needs and questions, but, if not, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to partnering with you in the near future. 

Important Dates & Deadline for Fall 2022

By understanding the important dates and deadlines your students will be facing, you will be able to help act as a reminder for students throughout these next few months to ensure they have a smooth transition to CSUDH. We always recommend setting a reminder on you or your students' phone for at least a week out. 

February 2 ,2022
CSUDH will begin announcing admissions decisions.
Complete the FAFSA or CA Dream Act by the priority deadline. *Students with an EFC of 0 will automatically be waived the $125 non-refundable Intent to Enroll Deposit. 

March 28, 2022
Housing Application opens Application Fee: $30

April 1, 2022
If your child was Admitted Fall 2022 Undergraduate Student and would like to change their major, they will need to complete and submit the Change Your Major Form to

June 1, 2022
Intent to Enroll Deposit - all students must accept their admissions offer by submitting their intent to enroll and pay the $125 non-refundable deposit to save their spot. This is completed through their My.CSUDH portal

June 1, 2022
New Student Orientation - all students must also register for New Student Orientation (NSO) and pay the $99 non-refundable NSO fee. For Fall 2022, NSO will continue to be offered in a virtual format. NSO is a mandatory enrollment requirement and students must attend in order to register for courses. 

Parents will also have the opportunity to attend a virtual parent program that will be offered in Spanish and in English on Saturday, May 29, 2022 or complete the Parent Online Pre-Orientation at your convenience. 

May 27, 2022
Housing application deadline.

July 15, 2022
Students are admitted conditionally pending final, official transcripts that need to be received by our admissions office by July 15th. Admissions prefers electronic transcripts, so please request transcripts to be sent to Final transcripts must include their graduation date to be considered final.

Below are two counselors who are available to work with you. Our goal is to meet your needs as they come up so whether you email, call or book a one on one appointment with us, we are available. 

 - Se Habla Espanol
NameContact InformationPhone Number
Jennifer Wilkinsjewilkins@csudh.edu310-243-3816
Lorena De La Cruz ldelacruz@csudh.edu310-243-1072


Newly admitted students, especially first-year students often have many steps they must take in order to transition to University. Understanding all the steps will allow you to be able to remind students and ensure that certain decisions are made earlier. Here is a link to videos and tutorials as well as an explanation of the checklist below. 

  1. Activate their My.CSUDH portal & ToroMail - students must frequently check both in order to receive important information

  2. Check their To-Do List - the to-do list will list a number of items that students must return to CSUDH by the corresponding deadline. Items may appear at different times so they need to regularly check. Once an item is submitted, it can take up to 5 business days for the document to be processed, once processed, it will be removed from the to-do list. 

  3. Apply for financial aid by April 1, 2022 and submit all documents by May 13, 2022. It is not enough to apply for financial aid, but often students may be required to provide additional information. These required documents need to be completed before students are fully packaged. Make sure students click on the "More" link in their to-do list to see important information regarding the documents. 

  4. Change of Major - for many students, especially first year students, deciding a major can be a stressful and difficult decision. At CSUDH, we allow students to change their major. They can change before April, 1, 2022, and again after the first day of class in August. While it is in their best interest to choose one they are most interested in, we also recommend that they work closely with their advisors in the event they are interested in multiple majors so that they may be advised correctly. 

  5. Intent to Enroll & NSO Registration - these two checklist items with a June 1, 2022 deadline are extremely important, because they are enrollment requirements. This means, if this deadline is missed, students may appeal but may not be guaranteed their spot for Fall 2022. Both the Intent to Enroll Deposit and NSO Fee are non-refundable. Make sure you know your students' high school graduation celebration date before registering for NSO in order to avoid conflicts.

  6. DHFYE (Dominguez Hills First Year Experience) - Once your student registers for NSO, they will be assigned a DHFYE home. DHFYE is a signature program at CSUDH that places each first year student in a community. There is EOP, ETE, and UAC. The advisors and counselors in these homes will serve as the point person for your student as they transition from NSO throughout their first year with CSUDH. We recommend that you also get to know your students' DHFYE advisor as they can be a great partner in working together to support your first year student. 

  7. Once your student has committed to CSUDH, there are some important decisions that we recommend you make with your student before attending NSO. Making these decisions together means that your student will be prepared when they attend NSO.

    • Housing - decide if the student will live on campus or commute. This will help your family plan your budget and ensure that housing deadlines are on your radar.

    • Early Start -  this is an amazing opportunity for students to complete free credit bearing units in English or Math before classes begin in August. While early start summer classes are not mandatory we do highly encourage students, especially students placed in Level 4 English or Math to take advantage of this offer. 

    • Summer Bridge - throughout the summer, your student's DHFYE home will provide ample opportunities for your student to engage with the campus and their peers. Have a conversation with your student on the importance of being involved and attending these events. 

  8. Preparing for NSO - Once your student selects a date for NSO, there are some things they must complete before attending NSO. 

    • Online Pre-Orientation - this is a web based pre-orientation that will provide students with essential information before attending NSO. Parents can also use the guest link for a parent pre-orientation in English and Spanish 

    • DSP (Directed Self Placement) - this is a self- assessment all first year students must take before NSO. Please have your students complete this at least a week before their scheduled date so advisors can best place students in the right English course

  9. Submit final transcripts by the July 15th deadline and make sure you have your students' immunization records ready when needed.