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Due to COVID-19, office staff will be working remotely. However, in order to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and respond in a timely manner to your questions, please feel free to contact us at admit@csudh.edu. In your email, please provide your first and last name, CSUDH ID number, phone number, and your questions.

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The four years you spend with CSUDH will challenge and inspire you to reach your potential--and change your life. See why more high school graduates are making CSUDH their first choice for an affordable, high-quality university education. Visit our campus in person and experience our dynamic community for yourself.


Transfer Students

Increasing numbers of transfer students are making CSUDH their first choice. We invite you to find out why. Finish a quality degree at a university that offers affordable tuition, financial aid options, strong enrollment partnerships with community colleges, and a wide selection of in-demand degrees designed to prepare you for professional life.


Graduate Students

CSU Dominguez Hills offers a dynamic range of graduate degree and credential programs designed to advance students' knowledge, professional acumen, and leadership skills in specialized disciplines. Tailored for working adults, our graduate courses provide flexible schedules and services to help students progress quickly toward their academic and professional goals while balancing other obligations. Learn more about admission requirements and how to apply to a graduate program.


Tuition & Fees

With tuition well below the national average for state schools, CSUDH is one of the best values in higher education. Learn more about our low costs and financial aid options, including scholarships and grants, available to graduate students.

Degree and Credential Programs

CSUDH offers a wide selection of in-demand graduate degrees and post-baccalaureate certifications recognized for their academic excellence and designed to advance your specialized knowledge as well as your academic and professional career.

Application Checklist

Students interested in attending a CSUDH graduate program are invited to apply online at Cal State Apply, as well as any additional application required by the specific department. Read our simple Application Checklist for step-by-step help.

Admission Requirements

Learn about admission requirements and criteria for graduate students applying to CSUDH. Then be sure to check the graduate program advisor for requirements.


CSUDH’s graduate students enjoy flexible scheduling and hybrid online/classroom courses that accommodate their professional and personal lives, work closely with renowned faculty on groundbreaking research projects, and make the most of their time on campus with our convenient location and student services. Learn more about the advantages of CSUDH graduate programs.

Graduate Studies & Research 

Visit the Graduate Studies website for more information on department-specific contacts and application procedures, available scholarships, class schedules, tuition and fees, graduate student policies, admission requirements, graduation, and more.

Contact Us

Have questions about the application process and/or admission requirements? Call the Graduate Studies Coordinator at gstudies@csudh.edu

Have questions about official transcripts? Contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator at graduateadmissions@csudh.edu.


At CSUDH, we recognize the contribution of the men and women who have served and are currently serving in our nation‘s armed forces. We welcome veterans and active duty service members to our campus. We are also committed to ensuring that all qualified veterans and their dependents have equal access to an affordable, quality university education and experience. To support this mission, CSUDH offers the dedicated services and support of our Veterans Resource Center, including assistance with applying to CSUDH as a veteran, accessing resources, and connecting to others through the Veteran's Alliance.

Contact the VRC at (310) 243-3643.

The VRC office is located in the Leo Cain University Library, 3rd floor, room 3941.


International Students


Students from around the world come to CSUDH for a quality education that prepares them for success in a global economy. With a wide selection of in-demand academic programs, we also offer a range of support services and resources,  to help international students make the most of their university education and time on campus. Learn more about applying as an international studentadmission requirements, and what you’ll need to study in the U.S.


Returning Students

Undergraduate students who have been absent for two semesters or more prior to the semester of return must apply for readmission, unless approved for and participating in the Planned Educational Leave Program.

Graduate students must reapply if they are absent for one term:

Returning students who have not maintained continuing student status or been approved for the Planned Educational Leave Program will lose their catalog rights and will be subject to all requirements and regulations in the catalog of the year they are readmitted.

Former Students in Good Standing

A student who left the University in good standing will be readmitted, provided any academic work attempted elsewhere does not change his/her scholastic status. Transcripts of any work attempted in the interim are required.

Former Students on Probation

A student on probation at the close of the last semester of enrollment may be readmitted on probation provided he/she is otherwise eligible. The student must have official transcripts of any college work attempted during their absence sent to the University.

Readmission of Disqualified Students

The University normally will not consider a student for readmission until the student has not attended for one semester and until he/she has fulfilled all recommended conditions. In every instance, readmission action is based upon evidence that the causes of previous low achievement have been removed. The evidence includes transcripts of work completed elsewhere subsequent to disqualification and other objective evidence. Formerly disqualified undergraduate students who are interested in being reinstated should contact the University Advisement Center at (310) 243-3538 for information regarding the process for readmission as an undergraduate student at CSUDH.


Students who attend another institution during any absence from CSUDH must have official transcripts of any college work attempted during their absence sent to the University. Electronic transcripts are preferred.

How do I reapply?

Students interested in reapplying should visit Cal State Apply.