Meet The Tour Guides

2016 Tour Guide Anthony


Hometown: Lynwood, CA
Major: Psychology
Academic College: College of Natural and Behaviors Sciences
One Word to Describe Myself: Adroit
Why I Chose to be a Guide: To help students become more comfortable with transitioning to a university
Quote I Live By: Sic Parvis Magna (Greatness from small beginnings)
Fun Facts: I was three seconds away for qualifying in the Junior Olympics for swimming.
Future Goal: Become a Family Therapist or Video Game designer



Hometown: Huntington Park, CA
Year: Senior
Major: Chicana/o Studies
Minor: Women Studies
Academic College: College of Arts and Humanities 
One Word to Describe Myself: Friendly
Why I Chose to be a Guide: I chose to be a guide to talk to others about my experience as a CSUDH student and tell them about the Toro community.
Quote I Live By: Everyday is a new beginning.
Fun Facts: I have never missed a Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day since I can remember.
Future Goal: I want to become an Academic Advisor in the Higher Education System.



Hometown: Carson, CA
Year: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice
Academic College: College of Business and Public Administration
One Word to Describe Myself: Determined
Why I Chose to be a Guide: In order to be aware of the resources available on campus and to share that information with prospective students and families before I graduate.
Quote I Live By: Veni Vidi Vici (I came. I saw. I conquered.)
Fun Facts: I met the currently elected female Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Carolyn Kuhl, through an internship on campus.
Future Goal: Become an Immigration Attorney



Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Minor: Language and Linguistics
Academic College: College of Natural Behavioral Sciences
One Word to Describe Myself: Hard-Working
Why I Chose to be a Guide: I want to make sure everyone knows what resources CSUDH has. I also want to show everyone our beautiful campus.
Quote I Live By: Carpe Diem
Fun Fact: I’m among the few people who wear a helmet when biking, and people stare at me so much for it.
Future Goal: I want to become a Speech and Language Pathologist.



Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Year: Freshman
Major: Graphic Design
Academic College: College of Arts and Humanities
One Word to Describe Myself: Expressive
Why I Chose to be a Guide: To share the Toro experience and get out of my comfort zone.
Quote I Live By: Count your blessings, not your worries.
Fun Fact: I was invited to design for Adidas shoes and met Pharrell Williams during the event.
Future Goal: Start my own graphic t-shirt business.



Hometown: San Diego, CA
Year: Senior
Major: Theatre Arts
Academic College: College of Arts and Humanities
Why I chose to be a Guide: To share meaningful information and opportunities our campus has to offer future Toros.
Quote I Live By: Begin each day as if it were on purpose.
Fun Fact: I was a 5-time California Team qualifier for wrestling in middle and high school.
Future Goal: I want to work in the entertainment field, whether it is acting or amusement parks.



Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Year: Senior
Major: Public Administration
Academic College: College of Business Administration and Public Policy
One Word to Describe Myself: Humble
Why I chose to be a Guide: To improve myself as a person, become a better public speaker, and encourage prospective students to attend college.
Fun Fact: I used to tell jokes in the Ninth Grade.
Future Goal: To work for a hospital as Administrative Support.



Hometown: Carson, CA
Year: Junior
Major: Sociology
Minor: Political Science
Academic College: College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences
One Word to Describe Myself: Passionate
Why I Chose to be a Guide: I love knowing that I will be the first impression on students when they come to CSUDH, sharing my own experience and knowledge.
Quote I Live By: You know what you know, and no one can take that away from you.
Fun Fact: I spent a week with the program Tech Trek: A Math and Science Camp for Girls, where I had the honor of kissing a Sea Hair and played with Leopard Sharks.
Future Goal: Become the Supreme Court Judge and receive my Ph.D. in Sociology.



Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
Year: Freshman
Major: Kinesiology/Physical Therapy
Academic College: College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing
One Word to Describe Myself: Kind
Why I Chose to be a Guide: It gives me the opportunity to meet new people everyday, and I like being the first face people see when they come to see my campus.
Quote I live by: Do not be afraid to be yourself.
Fun Fact: I used to model for Black House White Market.
Future Goal: I want to become a Physical Therapist for athletes.