Compton GEAR UP

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP)-Compton is a federally funded outreach program that was recently awarded on October of 2018 to California State University Dominguez Hills in partnership with the Compton Unified School District and Compton College. The program is a 7-year dual-cohort program, which services both the 6th & 7th grade classes at our 4 designated target schools below:

• Roosevelt Middle School

• Whaley Middle School

• Kelly Elementary

• Roosevelt Elementary School

Currently we service a total of 848- 6th and 7th grade students from the abovementioned target schools. In the near future, our program will service this same cohort of 6th & 7th grade students as they enter Dominguez High School and into their first year of undergraduate education.


As outlined by our grant, the goals of the GEAR UP Compton grant aim to reduce the need for remedial education, increase access to rigorous curricula and to ultimately create a college going culture within the community and our target schools in Compton.

Goal 1: Increase the academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education of GEAR UP students.

Goal 2: Increase the rate of high school graduation and enrollment into post-secondary education of GEAR UP students.

Goal 3: Increase GEAR UP students and their family’s knowledge of post-secondary education options, preparation and financing. 


GEAR UP puts into practice a holistic approach to student success. It provides a variety of opportunities for collaboration with built in partnerships, community organizations and educational service providers. Below is a list of some of our current partners:

  • Primary Partner/Fiscal Agent: California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • School District: Compton Unified School District
  • Institute of Higher Education: Compton College

Educational Services Providers: NPO Solutions, Study Smart Tutors, Cool Speak, Parent Engagement Academy, NCCEP and College Board.


¨     Academic Advising

¨     6 Week Summer STEM Academy

¨     Case Management/Progress Reporting

¨     Scholarship search and assistance

¨     Career & College Exploration

¨     College/University Fieldtrips

¨     Multi-subject Tutoring

¨     Financial Aid Advising & Assistance

¨     Dual Enrollment at Compton College

¨     Parent Workshops

¨     College Campus Tours

¨     Student Workshops

¨     Afterschool/Lunch College Club

¨     Teacher Professional Development

¨     College & Career Center at our schools

¨     Community Involvement Initiatives

Students Served:



Number of Students 2018/19





Total: 848






Unduplicated Number of GEAR UP Students by Gender