Not Anymore

Not Anymore/Rethinking Relationships (Mandatory Online Prevention Education Training)

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At CSUDH, we are committed to ensuring an inclusive, safe, and violence-free campus. In compliance with California State University policies, all CSUDH students must participate in an online sexual assault and domestic violence prevention education training every year.

New students will participate in Not Anymore, the full introductory training and students returning in the 2020-2021 academic year will participate in a Rethinking Relationships, a shorter refresher training.

If you do not complete the training by next semester's registration date, you will have a hold on your account and will not be able to register. Please note that this program works best on a desktop computer, and not a handheld devise or smartphone. 

Disclosure: This training contains sensitive material involving sexual and interpersonal violence. While content warnings and resources are provided throughout the program, we understand such trainings may cause distress for some students. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions on providing you with this important information. If you’re concerned about the impact of this training, you may schedule an alternate  training via Zoom with the CSUDH CAPE Associate Director/Confidential Survivor Advocate by visiting

During the alternate training, CAPE will will review all content without scenarios. You will not be asked to disclose  why you chose the alternate training.

 It’s important to us that you take care of yourself and get the support that you need to be successful at CSUDH. You may also contact Student Psychological Services at 310-243-3818 or CAPE at (310) 243-2567. 

Troubleshooting Not Anymore or Title IX registration hold issues:

  • If you experience problems completing or re-entering the program, or if you have technical difficulties, please contact Student Success™ through the HELP button on the program or at
  • If you are experiencing issues logging in or you believe you have a registration hold in error, please email or call (310) 243-1025.
  • If you are experiencing IT-related issues, please submit an IT helpdesk ticket.