Lactation Resources

Resources for Lactating and Breastfeeding Parents

CSUDH is committed to serving faculty, staff, and students who need to either breastfeed or express milk for their child while on campus, and has several private, lockable lactation rooms on campus. For more information about the CSUDH's support of lactating and breastfeeding Toros, please see PM 2018-03: CSUDH's Policy on Lactation and Breastfeeding Accommodations [PDF].

Please contact the Title IX Office at (310) 243-1025 for assistance locating a lactation room (or appropriate flexible lactation space) in close proximity to your classroom or office. Additionally, we are happy to provide a free, insulated CSUDH Lactation Resource bag!

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Designated Lactation Stations on CSUDH's Campus

1. Mamava Pod in the Loker Student Union (located on the main floor, next to the meditation room)

    **NEW in 2019**
  • Reservations required on the Mamava App and allowed for 30-minute blocks of time (download the free Mamava App on the Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • Gender-inclusive
  • ADA Compliant and wheelchair accessible
  • Made possible through a collaboration between the Loker Student Union and the CSUDH Title IX Office

2. University Library, 3rd floor

    **NEW in 2018**
  • Appointments preferred and allowed for 30-minute blocks of time (Make an appointment here)
  • Gender-inclusive
  • ADA Compliant and wheelchair accessible

3. Nursing Department, Welch Hall C-300 

  • Gender-inclusive
  • Please inquire at the front desk about availability

4. Nursing Skills Lab, Social and Behavioral Sciences A-110

  • Gender-inclusive
  • Please inquire at the front desk about availability
In addition to the designated locations, flexible lactation stations can be made available on an as-needed basis when a breastfeeding or lactating student or employee indicates that they would like to use a different space. These spaces should meet minimum requirements for lactation stations. They should be private, including a lockable door that is shielded from the view of co-workers, classmates, and the public with a message on the door that it is in use. They should also be sanitary, not in a bathroom or toilet stall, equipped with a chair and table, and supplied with electrical outlets. Parents must make their own arrangements for refrigeration, including sealed containers and proper storage. To ensure compliance with the requirements of lactation stations under our policies, call the Title IX Office at (310) 243-1025 to schedule an appointment to assess your flexible space.  

Adequate Break Time and Accommodations

Adequate break time for breastfeeding or lactating university employees will be provided and should accommodate the time to walk to and from the lactation station as well as retrieve, set up, wash, and clean a pump or other supplies for breastfeeding, expressing or storing milk, consistent with California State University Technical Letter HR/Salary 2011-05 [PDF]. Requests should be made to managers for adequate break time.

While students should breastfeed or pump between classes if possible, reasonable academic accommodations will be provided to ensure that students do not incur an academic penalty due to expressing milk or breastfeeding. Requests for reasonable academic accommodations can be made to faculty members.

Support for Lactating and Breastfeeding Parents

CSUDH also recognizes that parents have the right to breastfeed wherever children are allowed to be on campus. Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation against lactating parents will not be tolerated. To inquire about this or make a complaint, students and employees may contact the the Title IX Office at (310) 243-1025.

For accommodation requests under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), students may call the Student disAbility Resource Center at (310) 243-3660; employees may call Human Resources Management at (310) 243-3771.

Additional Resources for Lactating and Breastfeeding Parents: