Requirements for Final Thesis/Project Submission

Before submitting your Intent to Submit a Thesis/Project form to Graduate Studies and Research, please ensure the following criteria have been met:

  • Student has applied for graduation
  • Student is within 7-year time limit
  • Outdated coursework has been validated
  • Student is currently enrolled at the University


Requirements for Final Thesis/Project Submission to Graduate Studies and Research:

1.  Your thesis/project chair and all committee members must email their approvals via email to from their Dominguez Hills email address. Approval emails should include the following statement, with the student’s information filled into the bracketed text:

I certify that the [thesis/project] titled “[Title]," of [Student Name] meets the required standards of scholarship of the university and the student's graduate degree program and is ready to be reviewed. In approving this [thesis/project], I agree that the student named above has incorporated into the document all additions and/or corrections required by this member of their committee, that the document has been proofread and edited, and that it follows a documentation style appropriate to the student's discipline.

2.  The thesis/project must be formatted per University specifications, which are detailed in the Thesis and Project Guide. A thesis/project MS Word template is also available as a resource to format your document. 

3.  All critical elements of the thesis/project must be present. Students should not still be engaged in writing parts of the document. All content additions or corrections made by your committee members must be incorporated into the submission reviewed by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.