Tips for Filing a Proposal



Determine if your project needs to be reviewed.

Yes, if the research involves human subjects, human tissue, or records of these. (This includes interviews,surveys, manipulation, or interventions.)

AND, if the results of the research are to be published or reported outside the classroom. (Theses projects are considered to be publications.)

If yes, obtain the forms and guidelines from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research or from the website:


If you are a student:

1. Your advisor or another faculty member is the Principal Investigator. You as a student are a Co-Investigator.

2. You must work with your advisor to formulate the research and to prepare the forms and the proposal.

3. Your advisor must approve the proposal and sign the form before it is submitted to the

Human Subjects Committee (Institutional Review Board – IRB).

4. Communication between the IRB and you will take place through your advisor. Effort will be made to notify you of decisions and requirements, but the official notices will go to your advisor, who will share them with you.


If you are a faculty researcher:

1. You communicate directly with the IRB through your proposal.


Review Categories:

There are 3 categories of review (Exempt, Expedited, and Full Review). The definitions of each category are provided with the forms.However, it is important to note that the exempt category does not mean that the project is exempt from all review; it means that it is exempt from full committee review and can be processed between full committee meetings. In all cases, you must provide a complete proposal in order for the IRB to make a determination as to which category applies.


Please remember:

No data collection involving human subjects may take place until the proposal has been approved by the IRB. IRB cannot give retroactive approval, so failure to obtain advance approval may have dire consequences for the institution as well as the individual. These can include such actions as withdrawal of publications, rejection of a thesis, or loss of funding.

See Proposal Filing Checklist on the Forms Page to determine all of the forms needed for your submission.



You must receive training in Human Subjects Protection and include a completion certificate at the time your proposal is filed. A free, on-line training tutorial is available through CITI. The CITI link is located on the IRB webpage.

Submit your original proposal (with signatures) and one copy to:

Office of Graduate Studies and Research

Welch Hall D-445

Ph. (310) 243-2136

FAX: (310) 516-4410


Reminder: Subject recruitment and data collection may not be initiated prior to formal written approval from the California State University, Dominguez Hills Institutional Review Board.