Session Winners

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1st & 2nd Place Winners

Behavioral & Social Sciences I

First Place:
Mary Gauthier, Elijah Arzate
Using the Theory of Planned Behavior and Procedural Justice Theory to Assess the Intent to Report Crime
Faculty Mentor: Heather Butler

Second Place:
Kresh Reil, Michelle Ruvalcaba, Tiffany Conejo, Leticia Estrada, Tania Salgado Gonzalez, Sara Sosa
Manipulating Resilience in an Everyday Setting: The Effects of Self-Efficacy Priming and Social Support
Faculty Mentor: Steven Frieze

Behavioral & Social Sciences II

First Place:
Cassie Mingoia, Kallie Miller, Elisabeth Lawson
Maneuvering the Minefield: The Lived Experience of Dating for Individuals with Congenital Disabilities
Faculty Mentor: Sheryl Ryan

Second Place:
Ryan Butler, Stephanie Torres, Yoslin Caro
Can Google Cardboard's Virtual Reality Platform Aid in Learning and Memory?
Faculty Mentor: Larry Rosen

Behavioral & Social Sciences III

First Place:
Margott Dela Cruz, Gabrielle Makrdichian, Yadira Ramirez, Ceferino Vinas Cognition's Influence on People's Reactions to False Internet Information
Faculty Mentor: Mark Carrier, Nancy Cheever

Second Place:
Violet Quann, Eva Levingston, Jason Hawes
Effects of General Self-Efficacy on the Stress-Sleep Relationship
Faculty Mentor: Erin Merz

Behavioral & Social Sciences IV

First Place:
Saray Valenzuela Jaime
A Mindful Approach to Improving Work Performance among College Students
Faculty Mentor: Kevin Montes

Second Place:
Bonnie Perez
The Influence of Cultural Differences in Attention: A Study on Preschool Children Books
Faculty Mentor: Megumi Kuwabara

Behavioral & Social Sciences V

First Place:
Sandra Cortez, Clinical Psychology
Measuring Workplace Aggression Using Heart Rate Response
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Norman, Management

Second Place:
Ian A. Klinger, Sociology
My Dad called Him a “Devil Worshipper”: Religious Deconversion Experiences of Students at CSU Dominguez Hills
Faculty Mentor: Matt G. Mutchler, Sociology

Biological & Agricultural Sciences I

First Place:
Alondra Pena
Adverse effects of In Utero exposure to E-cigarette and High Fat Diet on Fetal Hearts
Faculty Mentor: Kamrul Hasan (Charles Drew University)

Second Place:
Diane Aguilar, Patino Romero
Investigating Protein-Protein Interactions in the Chp Chemosensory System of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Faculty Mentor: Joanne Engel (UCSF)

Biological & Agricultural Sciences II

First Place:
Ann Lobo
Assessing the function of genes involved in aromatic compound metabolism in Escherichia coli survival
Faculty Mentor: Karin Kram

Second Place:
Erik Martinez
Identifying Gene's essential to E. coli in long term stationary phase
Faculty Mentor: Karin Kram

Business, Economics, & Public Administration I

First Place:
Lisa Vihlborg
Generations and Influencer Marketing
Faculty Mentor: Orie Berezan

Second Place:
Michael Aguilera
Revealing the hidden risks in gig work: From the perspective of Uber and Lyft drivers
Faculty Mentor: Nancy Deng

Creative Arts and Design I

First Place:
Sandra Lopez, Aileen Pena, Jessie Bustillo, Sandra Lopez, and Elexus Gilliam
Street Takeover
Faculty Mentor: George Vinovich

Second Place:
Trina Vargas, Aileen Pena
Smartphone Addiction
Faculty Mentor: George Vinovich

Creative Arts and Design II

First Place:
Jose Espinoza
Illustrating Historical Truth Through Visual Research
Faculty Mentor: Devon Tsuno

Second Place:
Brianna Correa
Curvaceous Beauty
Faculty Mentor: Greg Mocilnikar


First Place:
Kaitlyn Pardo
Sometimes I Just Want to Lie on the Floor and Do Nothing: Mindfulness Practices in a 5th Grade Classroom
Faculty Mentor: Edward Curammeng

Second Place:
Kristian Kennedy
“I don’t get it!”: Culture, Classrooms, and Cultivating Student Engagement
Faculty Mentor: Edward Curammeng

Engineering & Computer Science 

First Place:
Aishwarya Murkute, Aditya Lalchandani
Parking Lot Detecting
Faculty Mentor: Bhrigu Celly

Second Place:
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Redundancy Check
Faculty Mentor: Bin Tang

Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences I

First Place:
Ciara Nagao, Kelsey Santos, Madison Werchowsky
Experiences of Occupational Therapists Working with High-Needs, High-Risk Youth
Faculty Mentor: Heather Kitching

Second Place:
Ashley Mooney
Success Rates of Cranial Remolding Orthoses in Male vs. Females in Cases of Brachycephaly
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Lučarević

Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences II

First Place:
Amy Vernetti, Hilary Vedder, Kathy Nguyen, Jasmine Okamoto
Through the lens of veterans with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): The impact on perceived quality of life
Faculty Mentor: Heather Kitching

Second Place:
Brianna Heath
Measuring Proprioception Changes in Transtibial Amputees
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Lučarević

Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences III

First Place:
Elvy Fuentes, Josiah Gibson, Rebecca Hawkinson Gonzalez, Thelma Iwuchukwu The Experience of Participants in a Community-Based Arts Center
Faculty Mentor: Sheryl Ryan

Second Place:
Monique Sanchez, Micaella Salunga, Jocelinne Torres-Lizarde, Michelle J. Wong
The Lived Experiences of Survivors of SCI After a Separation
Faculty Mentor: Heather Kitching

Humanities & Letters I

First Place:
Bailey Britton
Analysis of Stephen Colbert’s 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Speech
with Politeness Theories
Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Wenzell

Second Place:
Orji Ezieme
Dual EPA Superfund Sites: A Community Cries for Justice and Safety
Faculty Mentor: Margaret Manning

Humanities & Letters II

First Place:
Bryan Cantero
Mexican (American) Corridista students: Resisting educational oppression through Corridos
Faculty Mentor: Corina Benavides Lopez

Second Place:
Porscha Singh
“Oh No You Didn’t!”: Understanding Sapphireness and Unpacking Media Essentializing of the Angry Black Woman Trope in Television
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Bowles Eagle

Humanities & Letters III

First Place:
Roberto Ortega
Empowerment Through Ancestral Roots
Faculty Mentor: Marisela Chavez

Second Place:
Makonnen Tendaji
Poetry, Power, and Pistols: Analyzing the Cultural Consumption of Black Male Trauma
Expressed in Hip-Hop
Faculty Mentor: Donna Nicol

Physical & Mathematical Sciences

First Place:
Omar Santizo, Claire Ladan, Justin Hathaway
Hacking Electrochemistry: Improving Undergraduate Chemistry Education Analyzing Biochemical Redox Analytes Using a Student-Built Potentiostat
Faculty Mentor: Barbara Belmont

Second Place:
Stephanie Gaston
An Average of Generalized Dedekind Sums
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Young (Texas A&M)

Poster Presentations

1st Place Winners

Behavioral and Social Sciences I

First Place:
Michelle Sov, Ana De La Torre, and Elizabeth Mallonnee
Integrating Community Engagement in CSUDH's General Education Program
Faculty Mentor: Sarah Taylor

Behavioral and Social Sciences, Session II

First Place:
Tania Lugo, Stacy Zamora, Peter Jerome, and Ishmael Paulino Chronic administration of ethanol and the brain: a role for ΔFosB?
Faculty Mentor: Philip Vieira

Biological and Agricultural Sciences

First Place:
Jocelyn Molina-Mancio
Metabolic Changes in Adipose Tissue in Response to Chronic Electronic Cigarette Exposure
Faculty Mentor: Jorge Espinoza-Derout (Charles Drew University)

Business, Economics, Creative Arts, Education, and Computer ScienceFirst Place:
Nicole Santillan
Applying Community Cultural Wealth into Classrooms: An Ethnographic Study Examining Cultural Wealth in the City of Gardena
Faculty Mentor: Jen Stacy
Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences, Session IFirst Place:
Ashley Mooney
Success Rates of Cranial Remolding Orthoses in Male vs. Females in Cases of Brachycephaly
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Lučarević
Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences, Session IIFirst Place:
Rylie Weldon
Changes in Self Selected Gait Speed with Visual and Vestibular Challenges
Faculty Mentor: Julie Werner
Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Session IFirst Place:
Jose Garfias, Nadia Hirbawi
Theoretical Study of 3FC-TZN and its Host-Guest interaction in the Determination of Stable Electroactive Materials
Faculty Mentor: Kenneth Rodriguez
Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Session IIFirst Place:
Elvis Carrillo
A Story of California’s Seismic Hazards: Studying Historical and Simulated Earthquakes Through Geovisualization Platforms
Faculty Mentor: Parveen Chhetri