Enrique Ortega


Associate Professor


I am an Associate Professor in the Division of Health Sciences at California State University, Dominguez Hills. I have worked in the area of adolescent and young adult health related behaviors, including substance use, for over 15 years.  I have successfully administered research projects which have resulted in several peer-reviewed publications. I have extensive experience in leading and being a member of international research collaborations which require deep understanding of cultural boundaries, administrative issues specific to the host country, how to conduct timely research considering different working styles and schedules, navigation of often very different bureaucratic systems. I have conducted a number of studies both as a principal investigator and as a co-investigator that have focused on the mechanisms by which to identify health status predictors and poor health intervention constructs. Results from these studies show successful identification of youth and young adult health behaviors determinants and document specific intervention efforts with these populations.  My publications are directly related to health behaviors and the factors that are associated to poor health behavioral outcomes. Each of these publications have entailed taking theoretical and empirical prevention practices which have mostly been developed and normed with US populations and adapting them to a Foreign context. In addition these publications have helped uncover and develop specific intervention constructs which have been applied to behavior change efforts among Foreign and American youth populations.