Jeremy C Green

Jeremy Craig Green Jeremy C Green

Ph.D., M.Phil.

Assistant Professor




PhD – Yale University

MPhil – Yale University

AB – University of Chicago


Courses Taught

HEA 318, Health Services Management

HEA 467, Health Policy Issues and Analysis

HEA 469, Management Sciences in Healthcare Organizations



I am interested in applications and extensions of case teaching methods, to quantitative methods and contemporary topics, in health policy, management, and economics. For example, I have prepared original teaching cases that relate quantitative methods including supply curves, decision trees, Markov cohorts, and Monte Carlo simulations, to contemporary topics including the cost-effectiveness of universal, as compared to targeted, vaccination policies. I am currently working on integrating the COVID-19 pandemic into health administration cases.


Research Overview

My recent research studies have combined disparate sources of microdata in population health and political science, to estimate the health, social, and economic effects of peace agreements. For example, I have estimated the long-term, transnational effects of the Guatemalan Peace Agreement, on a nationally representative sample of Guatemalan immigrants in the United States. I am currently working on estimating more contemporaneous effects of the peace agreement on a variety of individual outcomes including sexuality, fertility, and religiosity.