Karla Castillo

M. Ed

Internship & Professional Development Coordinator

WH 330-K



Professor Castillo first joined CSU, Dominguez Hills as a first-time freshman in 2002. She has been a student and a professional at the university for over ten years. In 2012, she left CSU, Dominguez Hills to work as a Frosh Orientation Coordinator at an José State University. After a year away from CSU, Dominguez Hills she was offered the Clinical Coordinator position with the School of Nursing in 2014. The position has been challenging, rewarding, and provides her opportunities to build great relationships with student, health organizations, and other institutions of higher education.

In 2017, she began teaching the Health Science Internship Seminar course. Professor Castillo makes sure that all her students are engaged in class every day, come prepared ready to discuss their internship experience, and provides them with real life experiences in the health field. Her class becomes a safe space where ideas can be shared, different personalities and ideas can be respected, and everyone becomes a support for one another during the internship experience.