Mission Statement


The mission of the Department of History is to provide CSUDH students with educational opportunities that meet the highest academic standards, to model for students the value of diversity and cultural pluralism, and to transform our students into life-long learners capable of realizing their personal and professional ambitions.  We do so as the representatives of the discipline of history on this campus; and, our conduct is thus informed by a set of standards and principles shared by the community of practicing historians in the United States.  The American Historical Association, our leading professional organization, states:

"Historians should practice their craft with integrity. They should honor the historical record. They should document their sources. They should acknowledge their debts to the work of other scholars. They should respect and welcome divergent points of view even as they argue and subject those views to critical scrutiny. They should remember that our collective enterprise depends on mutual trust. And they should never betray that trust.”

As engaged citizens, teachers and scholars, we are committed to transforming California State University, Dominguez Hills into a unique community of teaching, learning, and research.

Mission Accomplished