RSA Committee

Resident Student Association Committee

The RSA, also known as the Resident Student Association, is an organization that represents the residents of CSUDH Housing. All residents of University Housing automatically become members of RSA. The purpose of this organization is to put on programs, act as a connection between residents and University Housing Services administration, and to work alongside resident advisors.

Mission Statement

The Resident Student Association provides leadership to the resident student population, promotes community, acts as a student government, and provides opportunities to enhance the collegiate experience. It provides a regular meeting place for a representative body of residents to create, organize, and promote social, cultural, and educational activities. RSA events strive to help create a sense of Toro Pride.

How to Be Involved

Every academic semester, RSA looks for resident who want to contribute to the complex community via advocacy and program coordination.

For information on how you can be a part of RSA, please contact them at or the RSA Advisor, Paola Carbajal-Kerr at

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