Who & Why

Who: Recruiting to Cover All Categories of CSU Employees

The CSU has chosen this solution as the Recruiting systems for all types of hires at the CSU. It offers the capability to attract, hire and onboard a variety of employees including:


  • Full Time Faculty (Probationary / Tenured, Temporary)
  • Part Time Faculty (Temporary)
  • Visiting faculty (FT Temporary)
  • Coaches (FT Temporary)
  • Counselors (Probationary / Tenured, Temporary)
  • Librarians (Probationary / Tenured, Temporary)
  • State-Support Instructional Summer Faculty
  • Substitute Faculty Classification postings
  • Extended Learning / Self-Support Faculty
CHRS Faculty


  • Staff
  • Management (MPP)
  • Executives/Vice Presidents
CHRS Staff


  • Represented Students: Graduate Assistant (GA), Teaching Associate (TA), Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)
CHRS Student

  Why CSU is Moving to CHRS

Excellent faculty and staff are critical to helping our students succeed on every CSU campus. CHRS Recruiting, built in PageUp, will help us attract, hire and onboard top-notch faculty and staff more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The goals of CHRS Recruiting are:

  • Find and attract talented people more effectively
  • Recruit more efficiently, using fewer hours for greater results
  • Modernize recruiting searches for all types of faculty, administrators, staff and represented student workers (Unit 11)
  • Improve hiring processes and inform decision making through enhanced reporting and analytics features
  • Streamline functions and speed recruiting processes with a paperless system
  • Onboard new employees more easily and thoroughly
  • Perform recruiting more cost-effectively for each campus and the CSU system
  • Allow each campus to configure the software to meet their unique needs, on top of a common foundation
  • Allow for greater data integrity and regularity for easier reporting
  • Position the CSU to take advantage of new technologies such as the Cloud