Compliance & Policies

There are a number of excellent sources available for compliance, CSUDH policies, and CSU Systemwide policies. Below are links to a few of the more important policies that employees should be acquainted with.

Campus Telecommuting Policy

California State University, Dominguez Hills strives to create an environment for employees to thrive, be successful, and model inclusive excellence. A telecommuting program allows the university to utilize a dynamic and creative tool for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our operational needs.

This policy establishes the terms and conditions of the telecommuting program for eligible employees of California State University, Dominguez Hills and the guidelines under which it will operate. Employees participating in this telecommute program must follow the applicable guidelines. Unit 3 employees impacted by this policy are: Librarian Faculty Unit Employees and Counselor Faculty Unit Employees as defined by the CBA.

The CSUDH Telecommuting Policy should be read in its entirety. 


The fully signed Telecommuting Agreement and the Telecommuter's Home Safety Checklist should be submitted to the HR Secure Dropbox here or to Human Resources in WH 340.