Basics for Job

Basics for Job

New Employee - Basics for Job

Catering Services
Food Services - Commercial and DH Catering

Copy Services
Reprographic Services is divided into two interrelated departments: Fast Copy and Offset Duplication. Fast Copy is charged with providing xerographic duplication of course material, brochures, newsletters and other informational material for faculty and administration use. Offset Duplication provides carbonless forms, departmental letterhead and envelopes, invitations, brochures printed in two or three colors etc.

Work Orders and Office Procedures

Reproduction Services uses two work order forms – one for Fast Copy and the other for Offset Duplication. A supply of these forms may be obtained from the front office of the department, free of charge; or a supply can be delivered to you through the University mail by placing a call to x3811. All work orders require a budget account number and must bear the signature of a department head or other appropriate authorizing individual.

Work orders accompanied by hard copy originals, or copy on disk, may be sent to Reprographic Services via interoffice mail, or may be hand delivered. The department is also equipped to receive emailed copy at Emailed submissions should be in PDF format. In case of emailed submissions, the work order may be sent separately via interoffice mail, or hand delivered.

Answers to questions concerning work orders and office procedures may be obtained by calling Fast Copy at x2031 or the Reprographic Services front desk at x3811.

IT Services
The Department of Information Technology Welcomes New Employees!

Here are some questions to bring to the IT Web site,

1. Can I get the latest version of Microsoft Office installed on my office PC? My home PC?
2. How do I use the CSUDH telephone system?
3. How do I get an e-mail account?
4. Does CSUDH or the CSU provide any good deals for buying hardware and software?
5. Does the campus have “smart classrooms”?
6. Can I reserve a computer lab for a single meeting of my class?
7. How can I get trained on the Banner student record system? On building a Web site?
8. Does the campus have a Web developers’ users group?
9. Can I access my e-mail account from home?

Find the answers to these and many other questions on the IT Web site.

If you are experiencing technical problems, contact the IT Help Desk: e-mail or telephone x2500 from on campus and 310.243.2500 from off campus.

Mail Services
Mail Services by Procurement, Contracts, Logistical and Support Services.

Phone Services
Please visit our website at your earliest opportunity: Telephone Policy and Guidelines. When you visit this site, you will be able to get on-line voice mail and telephone tips.

You will be able to reach links to our on-line telephone directory, yellow and white pages. There you will also find a breakdown of the services offered and charges if applicable. As stated in the University Telephone Policy and Guidelines Presidential Memorandum 98-09, “Telephone Services’ mission is to provide operation and maintenance of University voice and communications support of faculty, staff and students. The scope of the responsibility includes provision and maintenance of campus office telephones, courtesy telephones and directory, public telephones and emergency telephone callboxes. The department also prints and disseminates information on communications policies and procedures, equipment and usage.”

Please note that you should check with your department secretary before sending any orders for telephone additions, moves or changes. Also, your department secretary may have telephone and voice mail user guides that he/she can make available to you. When in doubt, call our office at x3800 and we’ll be happy to provide a copy for your convenience.

In addition, if you are experiencing any type of telephone problem, please call us at x3800 for immediate assistance. We also have a departmental email address available for questions. Our e-mail address is:

Please submit all telephone requests and modifications via Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

The mission of the Procurement, Contracts, Logistical and Support Services Office, also known as PCLASS, provides the faculty, staff and students with goods and services and the highest standard of support possible under the guidelines of the of the California State University Policy Manual for Contracting and Procurement. Our hope is to also make these services as seamless as possible.

PCLASS is the only entity on campus responsible and authorized to legally purchase goods and services with State dollars

University Police
University Police is a Department of Administration and Finance.