New Employee FAQs

New Employee - FAQ

Where do can I find my campus username and/or Employee ID?

Both your username and Employee ID, a nine (9) digit number, is automatically assigned and is used to identify you in the PeopleSoft HR/Payroll system. To retrieve your Employee ID and/or campus username, please utilize the MyCSUDH LookUp Search.

Where do I submit a request for employment verification?

Payroll Services will be able to provide assistance on employment verification. Please visit the Employment Verifications website for details on how to submit employment verification requests.

Where do I deliver a subpoena for records only?

Subpoenas for an individual must be delivered to that person directly. Subpoenas for lawsuits against the University need to go to the Chancellor's Office. For further questions, contact the Vice President of Administration & Finance at (310) 243-3750, or in person at Welch Hall, Room 470.

Where can I get info on the admissions process?

Contact Admissions & Records at (310) 243-3645, or in person at Welch Hall, Room 290.

How can I find out more about the Athletics Department?

Contact the Athletics Department at (310) 243-3893.

Where do I pay my parking fees?

You may pay parking fees at the Cashier's Office in Welch Hall, Room 270. Their office phone number is (310) 243-3812.

Where can I get my disbursement check for Financial Aid?

Check may be obtained at the Financial Aid Accounting Office. Their office phone number is (310) 243-3780.

Where can I get answers to my Financial Aid questions?

Contact the Financial Aid Department at (310) 243-3691, or in person at Welch Hall, Room 260.

Who oversees the Bookstore, Dining/Catering, and Convenience Stores on campus?

These businesses are overseen by the CSUDH Foundation. Their office phone number is (310) 243-3306, and their office is located in SCC 202.

Who do I contact about software or hardware issues?

Contact the IT Help Desk at (310) 243-2500.

Where can I find out about union contracts, fee waivers, and performance evaluations?

Contact Human Resources at (310) 243-3771, or in person at Welch Hall, Room 340.

Where can I get information about the University Library?

The library information line is (310) 243-3715.

Where can I find info about the Dignity Health National Training Center?

For project oversight, contact the VP of Administration & Finance at (310) 243-3750. You can also contact Martha Saucedo of AEG at (800) 431-2559.

How do I find out about direct deposit, paydates, salary schedules, and the current holiday calendar?

Contact Payroll Services at (310) 243-3769, or in person at Welch Hall, Room 205.

How do I submit a work order or request keys?

Contact the Physical Plant at (310) 243-3804. Their fax number is (310) 516-4070.

How do I contact Campus Police?

In an emergency, call 911, or use one of the 24/7 on-campus Call Boxes. For non-emergencies, call (310) 243-3639.

Where can I find info on student records, registration, graduation & admission dates and guidelines, and the academic calendar?

Contact the Registrar's Office at (310) 243-3608, or in person at Welch Hall, Room 290.

Where can I find info on immunization requirements or student health and psychological services offered at CSUDH?

Contact the Student Health Center at (310) 243-3629.

Who can answer questions about phones or voice mail?

Contact Telephone Services at (310) 243-3800.

What is the contact number for the Bookstore?

The University Bookstore's contact number is (310) 243-3829.

Who coordinates on-campus events held by off-campus organizations?

Contact the Facilities Scheduler at (310) 243-2231.