Awards Committee

Staff Awards of Excellence

Role of Committee

The goal of the Staff Awards of Excellence program is to recognize outstanding service to the university. Members of the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee are charged with reviewing award nominations. They will facilitate the selection of awardees who have made significant contributions to the campus community and who demonstrate commitment to the university's mission and core values.

Committee Membership

The Staff Awards and Recognition Committee is comprised of the peers of those eligible to participate in the Staff Awards of Excellence program and one non-voting steering member from Human Resources.

Committee members are comprised of one representative from each of the following divisions and one at-large representative chosen by the university president:

  • Administration and Finance
  • Academic Affairs
  • Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • University Advancement

Human Resources Management will review the composition of the committee to ensure cultural diversity.


Committee members are selected and invited based on recommendation from both the division vice presidents and Human Resources Management. If, during the fiscal year, a committee member resigns from the committee or ceases to meet eligibility requirements for the committee, a new member replaces the person and completes the remainder of their term.

Term of Service

Each committee member serves for one year. Employees recognized with Staff Awards of Excellence for the fiscal year may be invited to serve on the committee for a term of one year. They will represent their respective division.


Committee members are not considered eligible recipients of the Staff Awards of Excellence for the year in which they serve on the committee.

Program Evaluation

At the end of each year's Staff Awards of Excellence program, the committee evaluates the effectiveness of the program and submits a report to the President's Cabinet, along with their request for the next fiscal year's budget for the program.

To contact the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee, email