Nomination Guidelines

Staff Awards of Excellence

  1. Any employee of CSUDH may be a nominator; however, an employee may not nominate his/her self and cannot be related to the person being nominated for a Staff Award.
  2. Nominators may only nominate one person per award fiscal year. An employee may be nominated for more than one category.
  3. Complete the nomination form, giving specific examples of the nominee’s outstanding service in one of the three award categories.
  4. Submit the nomination form to the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee.
  5. The committee will review the nomination for eligibility. If the nominated staff member is eligible, the nomination will be reviewed and must be further recommended at each of these levels:
    • Department Head/Chair
    • Vice President
    • Staff Awards and Recognition Committee
  6. Additional information may be requested of the nominator by any of the reviewers listed above.
  7. If the nomination does not receive a recommendation at any of the above three levels, it is considered disapproved and will not proceed to the next level.
  8. Once all nominations are received and recommended, they will be ranked and voted on by the committee.
  9. The committee will then deliver up to five of their recommendations to the President's Cabinet for review.
  10. Up to three persons will be selected by the cabinet and university president for the Awards of Excellence. The decision of the president will be final.
  11. Awards of Excellence will only be issued if there are qualified nominees selected by the committee and approved by the President's Cabinet.

Nomination Submission Period and Deadline

An announcement will be sent via email to the campus community regarding the nomination period and deadlines.