This section contains all forms and procedures for recruiting positions across campus. Depending on the location of the job, please use the required forms below to fill your positions. All forms must be signed by the assigned interview committee and returned to Human Resources Management. Human Resources will double-check all forms to ensure hiring guidelines were followed and that the final candidate meets the minimum qualifications before the job offer is made.


Position Description Guidelines 
Recruitment Flowchart
Emergency Hire Flowchart 
Union Contract Language - APC Article 13 
Union Contract Language - CSUEU Article 9.3 
Procedures for Employee Terminations 
CSU Nepotism Policy 
Moving and Relocation Policy 
CSU Travel Policy

Peoplesoft Business Process Guides

Ready Set Go - Login Guide 
Find Job Opening 
Print Applications & Resumes 
Manage Applicant Interviews 
eHIRE (HIRE Transaction Form) New and Returning Employees 
eFAST (Faculty and Staff Transaction Form) Current Employees 


Declaration of Vacancy (DOV) Form 
Position Description Form
Application Screening Chart 
Interview Rating Sheet 
Interview Team Member List Form 
Recommended Finalists Form 
Applicant Authorization & Release Form 
Reference Checking Form 
Staff Final Candidate Justification Form 
Moving & Relocation Form 

Temporary Positions

Temporary Pool Hiring Guidelines 
Tracking Record Form