CSU Learn

About CSU Learn

In partnership with the Chancellor's Office and all of the CSU campuses, in early 2019 CSU Dominguez Hills migrated to a new enterprise training system, CSU Learn. CSULearn replaces Skillport Professional Development for the CSU system. All yearly and mandatory trainings such as Data Security, CSU Conflicts of Interest, and Title XI training will be offered online. Your complete training history was imported into CSU Learn. Compliance training assignments will be assigned in the new employee training system.

A list of compliance trainings and the administrators for each training can be found here:

To access and begin the any trainings in CSU Learn, you will need to:

  1. Log into My.CSUDH

  2.  Select “CSU Learn”
  3. Click “ Assigned Learning.”

  4. Review your list of training(s) and then click the button “Start” (or "Register") to begin the training. Please note to initiate the training, click on the text for "Start" or "Register" and not the dropdown arrow.

Or you may click on the following link CSULearn, to access the training portal and proceed to view your assigned learning. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome and/or Firefox to take the training(s).