Themed Cohort

We have suspended all admission to this program indefinitely.

Master of Arts in the Humanities Online

In the online Master of Arts in Humanities at CSUDH, students follow our cohort model through their program. Each incoming class of students enters as a cohort, working through their course of study alongside the same group of classmates. This allows students to get to know each other through their courses, providing a communal aspect to their online studies. Each cohort will also be organized around a central theme. The cohort theme is a topic of contemporary and enduring relevance, such as our inaugural theme, "The Self and Technology." The cohort theme provides a guiding set of ideas and questions that students will explore throughout their course of study, providing a clear sense of continuity, coherence, and currency as students encounter the different disciplines in the humanities.  The program culminates in the final semester, when students participate in an on-campus colloquium on the cohort theme. See the Symposium page for more information.

The Self and Technology

The inaugural cohort theme is "The Self and Technology."  We live in a technological society in a technological age. Technology has transformed our relation to the world, to each other, and to ourselves. Technology has changed the way we are as human beings, making possible tremendous liberation as well as troubling captivity.  But what exactly is technology? How did it develop historically, and why did it develop in this particular historical context? How has it changed the possibilities—and limits—of human expression in art, music, and literature? These are just a few of the questions that the first cohort will explore, both in coursework and in the on-campus colloquium. We hope you will join us!