We have suspended all admission to this program indefinitely.

Master of Arts in the Humanities Online

Cohort 2.01 Symposium: The Self and Technology

  CSUDH Arts and Humanities Symposium, “The Self and Technology,” will be held Thursday and Friday, April 12-13, 2018.

In place of the traditional comprehensive examinations or an M.A. thesis (though that remains an option), students culminate their HUX program by participating in a symposium capstone experience. It’s an exciting intellectual experience that immerses them in the world of Humanities research and creative activity.

The CSUDH Arts and Humanities Symposium is a major event in the life of the university. It brings together students and faculty from each discipline of the College of Arts and Humanities for a two-day conference that will feature major guest speakers.

The theme of each symposium is based on the theme of the cohort set to graduate that term. Students enrolled in the HUX 520: Symposium course prepare for the event by reading the publications of the symposium speakers, as well as other readings related to the conference theme.

As part of the course, students come to campus for two days to take part in the symposium. They will reflect in face-to-face meetings with their Cohort Director, who will by the Symposium course instructor, on the theme of that year’s symposium and on the presentations made. After the symposium they will complete assignments related to what happened at the event. For students in the last term of their program (or second to the last when necessary), participation in the symposium forms part of their capstone experience (see HUX 596).

All HUX students are invited to attend any symposium, but those in the fifth and last term of their program are required to enroll in the companion course, HUX 520: Symposium, and to come to campus for those two days to meet their professors and to participate in the event.

As part of their HUX 596: Capstone Experience course, they will present research during the symposium based on an academic paper. By the end of the term they will submit the complete paper. Students can receive permission to formulate and present some creative activity in place of a paper.