Innovation Incubator @ CSUDH

Welcome to The Innovation Incubator @ CSUDH.

The new Innovation Incubator at CSU, Dominguez Hills offers programs for startups and existing businesses.  We offer programs, events and educational programs for the DH community as well as the greater Los Angeles region.  Social Entrepreneurship will be one of our key focal points. 

Our new Incubator will establish an Entrepreneur Academy in partnership with CEIE and conduct practitioner driven, fee-based classes for Incubator clients and the general South Bay community.  Our goal is to teach them what they do not know about small business, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

The Incubator Program is designed primarily for students, but also great for faculty, staff, and alumni and the Community with a start-up venture, with a proof of concept.  Clients must be coachable. 

The Accelerator Program is for existing businesses that needs help growing their business to higher levels.  Just as importantly, existing business owners must be coachable or they do not need us.

Our value proposition to our Incubator clients is that we will help them grow their businesses higher than they would without us, or fail them fast.  We will teach them how to embrace failure, then learn and grow from that failure.  Finally, we will offer fee based programs and educational courses, and events to help create an entrepreneurial culture at CSUDH.

We will use three pillars for our Innovation Incubator:

Our first pillar is Coaching.  We will coach our clients by providing both Primary Mentors and Secondary Specialist mentors to provide one-on-one advisement to help our clients grow their businesses. ALL clients must be coachable, otherwise they will be told that ‘we cannot help them” as part of our exit interview.  The Mentors and Clients will be paired by the Selection Committee.  Hopefully these personal relationships will be very successful and become known as our secret sauce to our Innovation Incubator program.

Our second pillar is Collaboration.  We will foster collaboration during monthly Client Collaboration (Best Practices) meetings.  Clients will share their success and failures for the past 30 days and their plan and goals for the next 30 days during this meeting.  Occasionally, guest speakers will also participate periodically to offer educational tips.  Collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs is oftentimes the most rewarding of the entire incubator experience. We will foster that entrepreneurship is a team sport.

Our third pillar is Cultivation.  We will cultivate our clients using the power of practical education.  We will essentially teach them what they do not know during our on-going practitioner based educational certificate programs.  We believe that entrepreneurship can be taught.