State-Support & Self-Support Combined Reporting

Tables and graphs in this section combine counts of students enrolled in regular state-support credit courses along with those enrolled in self-support special sessions credit courses.

Students at Dominguez Hills can enroll in state-supported, regular university credit courses or they can enroll in self-supported credit courses (also referred to as Special Sessions) through the College of Extended and International Education.  State-support courses are partially funded by the state of California while self-support courses are funded entirely by student fees.

Reports in all other sections of this Factbook follow the California State University reporting convention of only counting students enrolled in state support coursework. CSUDH offers several degree programs that can be taken entirely through self-support enrollment, however, there are some programs in which students may take a combination of state-support and self support coursework. This section of the Factbook was created to give a fuller picture of students in these programs and their eventual success at the university.