Data Request Form


Please complete all sections of the Data Request Form. Upon completion, submit your request to the Office of Institutional Research by clicking on the Submit Request button. An IR staff member may contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss your request.

Standard processing timeframe is within two weeks. Please select 'need to discuss' if requesting a special timeframe.)
Please describe the reason for making this request or how you will be using this data. (e.g. Grant Support, Survey Development, etc.)

Important: Please provide a very detailed description of the data requested. Describe the layout of the data and any desired grouping or sorting (e.g. sort by ethnicity). Include any selection criteria (e.g. First-time Freshmen, Chemistry majors, etc.), as well as terms (e.g. Fall 2005, AY 2005-06, etc). If you need assistance in detailing your request, please contact any member of the Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning staff so they may assist you in completing the form.

(Note: Pasting text copied from MSWord will cause an error. First "Save As" your document with file type "Plain Text". This removes MSWord coding. Copy and paste the contents of your "Plain Text" file into this form field.)