Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports allow users to view and present data in more useful ways. These analytical tools allow you to drill into levels of detail that meet your data needs.

Academic Unit Profile (AUP)- The Academic Unit Profile (AUP) reports detailed information for each college, division, and academic department, including faculty, enrollments, majors, degrees awarded and graduation rates, which many be used for historical and comparative trend analysis.

Bottleneck - This report allows you to find the Top Enrolled (headcount) courses and the Top DFWI Courses by Student Major or Department Taught.  It also gives you the five year trend for enrollment (headcount) and DFWI Rate by course.

Fact Book- This report allows you to view campus enrollment and degrees conferred official census data.  You can filter by college, department, major, level, sex, ethnicity, and parental education. Data is obtained from the  CSU Enrollment Reporting System (ERS) files reported to the Chancellor's Office.

Graduation and Retention Rates - This report allows you to filter graduation and retention rates by College, Major, Enrollment Status, Sex, Pell Eligibility, URM, EOP, Remediation, Ethnicity and Regular Admits. Data as of Fall 2016.

NSSE Survey and WSCUC Standards- This report allows you to compare the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) results against the Western Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) Standards and Core Competencies.