Local Data

Local Data Reporting Conventions

Unlike the reports under the other headings (i.e., IPEDS, CSRDE, CDS, and VSA) which use reporting conventions designed for comparing institutions on a national scale, this section contains various reports which use reporting conventions that draw mostly from CSU standards, with few exceptions to better address issues that are particular to CSUDH.

There are some marked differences between the CSU and national reporting conventions. Most importantly, CSU calculation of FTES is very different than the varied methods specified by national reporting conventions. Furthermore, in the CSU, second baccalaureates are counted as post-baccalaureates, not undergraduates. Post-baccalaureate students are reported in their subcategories (graduate-meaning Master’s, Credential Only, and other post-baccalaureate-which include Second Baccalaureate) instead of all being reported as “graduate” students.

There is also a need for reporting that is particular to CSUDH. For instance, local PeopleSoft codes are used to break down enrollments by major/concentration instead of fields of study. Compared to CSU reports, post-baccalaureates are further broken down, also identifying unclassified post-baccalaureates and second baccalaureates. High school students taking college courses (i.e., CAMS, Young Scholars Program) are not included in the freshmen or undergraduate counts, but have their own category. First-time freshmen coming in with enough units to make them sophomores, juniors or seniors are reported separately from first-time freshmen. There is also a section dedicated to state-support/self-support combined reporting to give a better picture of university-wide enrollments of state-support matriculants by major, ethnicity, and cohort/graduation studies by graduate programs. In summary, the intent of this section, “Local Data” is to best address the data needs of the campus consumer for campus purposes, whereas the data under the other headings are more useful for making comparisons to other campuses.