Program Effectiveness Assessment Tool (PEAT)

In September 2005, the PEAT and its process were approved by the Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Committee (AAPEC) as the vehicle for submission of the annual Program Effectiveness Report (PER) required by all academic programs.

The PEAT contains 28 quantitative performance indicators assessing faculty and student quality, centrality and complementariness, demand, uniqueness, and program vitality. The Program Effectiveness Assessment Tool: Performance Indicators [PDF] document provides a full description of each performance indicator as well as the data sources for the quantitative indicators.

Individuals responsible for completing the qualitative portion of the PEAT+, which includes the 19 performance indicators, can download the writable PEAT+ Qualitative Indicators [MS WORD] file to answer the qualitative indicators directly.

The Program Review Guide and Program Review Schedule can be found on the Office of Academic Programs website.

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