Graduation Rates/Retention

Graduation Rates/Retention

Return Rates

These tables show the number and percent of new students for a given fall term that returned one year after they first enrolled.

Graduation and Tracking Rates

These graphs show the proportion of a cohort of students that graduated by or were still enrolled during each subsequent fall term.

Nth Year Graduation and Return Rates

These tables or graphs show the number of students in a cohort that graduated or returned in a given year (i.e., 6-year rates). This allows further study by breaking the data down by another variable. When the data is broken down by major at entry, additional information is included that shows how many students graduated or returned in the same major or in a different major.

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Chancellor’s Office 2025 Graduation Initiative Goals for CSU and for CSUDH:

CSU Goals


Freshmen Graduation Rate Goals

FTF [2019 Cohort] 6-yr = 60%

= 40%

FTF [2021 Cohort] 4-yr = 24%

= 12%

Transfer Graduation Rate Goals

Transfers [2021 Cohort]4-yr = 76%

= 62%

Transfers [2023 Cohort] 2-yr = 35%

= 30%

Freshmen Achievement Gap Goals

URM gap [2019 Cohort] 6-yr = 7%

= 5%

Pell gap 6-yr = 5%

= 1%


CSUDH 2014 & 2015 Rates




Freshmen Graduation Rate

FTF 6-yr

(32.2%) 2008 entry cohort

(34.7%) 2009 entry cohort

FTF 4-yr

(5.1%) 2010 entry cohort

(6.0%) 2011 entry cohort

Transfer Graduation Rate

Transfers 4-yr

(64.4%) 2010 entry cohort

(65.8%) 2011 entry cohort

Transfers 2-yr

(27.7%) 2012 entry cohort

(27.8%) 2013 entry cohort

Freshmen Achievement Gap

URM gap 6-yr


(1.3%)* Higher for non-URM

Pell gap 6-yr


(-8.0%) Lower for non-Pell

*Based on CO Dashboard definition: As part of the 2009 Graduation Initiative, the CSU System joined 12 other college systems in setting targets for 6-year FTF graduation rate and achievement gap goals. As part of this network, the definition of URM was African American, Latino, and American Indian students.  All others (including non-resident aliens) were classified as non-URM.